Sardinia Holidays

One of the diversified stretches of coastline in Sardinia is to be found in Pula, so we were surrounded by pure nature, and we rent a bike and we start to discover every day a new beach, it was really romantic and relaxing,

I found Sardinia an extremely interesting island, the culture is really rich and they are well known for festivals that mix the sheer joy of life with pagan myths and Christian beliefs are year-round occurrences, all the residents of Cagliari make a 40 kilometer-long pilgrimage to Pula in honor of St. Efisio, since the 17th century,  Sagra di Sant Efisio has been celebrated on the first of May.

In Sardinia, more people live to be 100 or older than anywhere else in the world. Research has shown that this fact is thanks to the healthy and relaxed lifestyle of this island, more than the genetically part.

The cuisine is just phenomenal, with countless varieties of Sardinian Pecorino cheese, fresh fruits, fresh fish and fresh meat. Fiore Sardo is an example of an exceptional cheese, which is aged over a long period. Or the famous Maialetto, a slice of baby pork roast it for a long period at a low temperature (you have to order two days in advance); and is so tender and delicious than when we ate it, we wanted to move permanently to Sardinian.

We really enjoyed our little escape to Sardinia, and I am sure we are going to come back …

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