Hairstylist Denis Perani

Denis Perani, is a German hairstylist I had the opportunity to met in the Flair Beauty Academy in September 2019.  After speaking with him, I discovered that his story was one I did not expect. For starters, he didn’t begin wanting to be a hairstylist, but life works in mysterious ways. Because he comes from Berchtesgaden in Bayern, a small town in Germany, he never really thought about the hairstyle world.

Denis’ story starts with his model friend who he used to style her hair just for fun. Without Denis‘ knowledge, she prepared his Resume and brought it to a Hair salon and asked him to come together to the salon with her. Denis didn’t know anything about the appointment her friend made for him, thinking he was just there to support her.  In actuality, she had secured a job interview for him, where he was, in turn, granted an internship.

After his internship, he started his career as a Hairstylist in Salzburg, where he prepared himself at Sturmayr Coiffeure, an International Hair salon with over 100 years and runs already for over 6 generations.

“During my apprenticeship, I was crazy about hairdressing competitions, I always wanted to be there as an assistant and when I had the chance to participate, I was honored to win the first prize.”


5 x nominated for the Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award

5 x 1st place in the Sturmayr Award

3 x 1st place as the best young hairdresser in Austria

3rd place at the World Finals of the Wella Trend Vision Awards 2010 in Paris

One of the things that fascinated me the most about Denis is his passion and his positive energy. He has worked hard to attain his status, and his recipe for success is Training, Training, Training. He remembers, that when afforded a rare free day away from his preparation as a hair stylist, he would still use the time to continue perfecting his skills.

Nowadays, we can find a lot of information on the internet, and he recommends not copying anyone, but to try to understand always what is behind the style. If you want to be on the top of your game you have to understand every movement, every detail. Maybe you go to 10 different hair Fairs, and probably 90% of the things you already know, but there is still the potential that the 10% of what is being taught is new for you. In summary, you have to be open to learn new things.

Denis had the opportunity to meet Wendy Iles, in her exhibition booth in Düsseldorf, and after repeatedly walking around her booth, he finally got the courage to talk to her, and he immediately connected with her, not just because her products are great, but also because she is an amazing, warm and talented artist.

The challenges

Denis thinks that one of the biggest challenges nowadays is to stay down to earth and finds that a lot of people lose themselves focusing in things that are not important. Personally, one of the things that surprised me the most about Denis, is how natural and humble he is.

Denis has built a successful career, and it’s because he keeps challenging himself, and learning from mistakes. He is not afraid to ask questions and more importantly, he maintains his own signature style.


To know more about Denis, please visit: Denis Perani



Photo Credits: 

Katja Stadler

Susanne spiel 

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