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Christine Akbaba is an Austrian makeup artist, in the past, I had the opportunity to work with her, in some fashion shows and some photo-shootings, after that experience I knew I want to make her an interview for the blog. Her style is just amazing and super versatile and it is no wonder that she has built a name in the fashion scene in Austria.

When did you know, when you wanted to be a makeup artist?

When I was a little girl. At this time I did not even know that this is a profession and of course not what it means to be a makeup artist. But I painted all the time and loved it (still do) and I’ve always liked to play with colors and different materials. I really love to use my hands and create something with them.

Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Oh dear – the list is endless! So many people have inspired me my whole life. I think my mum inspired me a lot in a matter of “attitude to life”. She always says – do whatever makes you happy! My man is the best in the world and my calm-anchor (I’m really a weirdo and a nutcase *hihi*), he supports me in everything. With my family and friends I can be myself   – they give me the strength to do, what makes me happy.

Lisa Eldridge, Pat McGrath, and Charlotte Tilbury are my absolute favorite makeup artists in the industry. I adore them and their work! It would be awesome to meet them or even work with them.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

In Austria, it’s not possible to become a make-up artist in a teaching profession, so I started as a hairstyling trainee. I’ve not only learned how to deal with hair but also what is it about the skin and the face- and eye-shapes and also how to deal with different makeup situations such as beauty-makeup, makeup for tv & film, etc.

After my graduation, I’ve received an offer from a theater. But I never was a big fan of theater-makeup (sorry to all my colleagues out there) so I’ve decided to change the industry for a while. I am an educated marketing manager and also hold a diploma in event management.

That all combined really helped me a lot when I’ve decided in 2014 to go back to the roots and make my own business.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My main focus is definitely on the skin! For me, a good looking, healthy and flawless skin is the base of every makeup look. I always start preparing the client’s skin with a good moisturizer and use an illuminating product afterward. Only then I start with the foundation. Also, eyebrows are an essential issue for me. I set great store on them and love to make them big and bushy. 😉 And, last but not least, I adore highlighter.

What’s your favorite make up forever product?

Lipstick! I’m blessed with good eyelashes. I often omit mascara and only wear awesome lipstick. This is my personal “go-to-look” for any occasion. For all of you who cannot live without mascara -> just apply a small amount, choose an eye-catching lipstick and you are ready to go!

I’m a huge fan of MAC Lipsticks – well, who isn’t – they just smell gorgeous! But in fact, I’m a makeup junkie. I love to look around in the stores and discover new products. I’m also a big fan of drugstore products like Maybelline or Catrice and have many of their products in my makeup kit.

What does beauty mean to you?

To feel comfortable about oneself! It’s a charisma-thing. When you feel good, you look good. When you are happy, there is this magical glow in your face and everyone can see it. Is there anything more beautiful than to be happy?!

Which are the colors for this season? / What are the makeup trends for this season?

The makeup-trends for fall/winter 2016-2017 are:

The Artistic Liner: drawing an accurate eyeliner is part of the supreme discipline in the world of makeup – now everyone has to face a new challenge 😉 From graphical elements to strong lines up to sharp angles. Everything is allowed and desirable.

The Gothic Lips: Burgundy, Plum or Black lips combined with nude eyes gives your face an absolutely stunning and mystical character.

Lashes: they have their BIG comeback – you can wear them completely messed up or as spider-lashes or doll-like. Essential is as black as possible!

The New Bleached Brows: We already saw the bleached brows in summer 2016 (combined with a nude look). Now we go one step further. The look is reinforced with a dash of punk rock spirit – an intense black smoky eye.

What is a no go for this season?

To be honest – I think there are no no-goes in the world of makeup. No, stop! There is one: wearing too much (but this is not only for this season). Otherwise, do what u please.

Which are the must make-ups every woman should have in the makeup bag?

That’s an easy one… Lipstick, Mascara, a Khol Pencil, a good Highlighter and Blotting-Powder – READY!

Where do you get your inspiration?

… followed by a tough one… It’s really hard to put “inspiration” into words. I take it from everywhere and it happens subconsciously. It may be a person, or an image that inspires me, or simply nature or a great situation. Sometimes I just look into a face and it comes over me and I know exactly what kind of look I want to create or what will fit perfectly.

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