History of Perfumes

People have always wanted to smell good, and despite the hygiene standards have changed over the centuries (Queen Isabella of Spain, boast that she only had 2 baths in her entire life), the perfume was developed.

But what exactly is perfume?

The word perfume, comes from the Latin phrase per fumus, meaning through smoke, and the first perfumes were the smokes given off by burning incense.

Incense is one of the oldest inventions; more than 3500 years ago, and it was used to scent the air, and it was a luxury product used by the wealthy people and the priest for the religious rituals.

It was really difficult to produce Incense, and that’s the reason why it was a luxury product at that time, but incense and perfume are made from plant products mix them with oils and wine, in order to create various combinations.

The ancient Egyptians used different oils and flower extracts on themselves, and perfuming was part of bathing, and bathing was frequent. The Egyptians also paid attention to the bottles; they used to keep perfumes.

And this perfume culture extends to the Greeks and Romans, who didn’t use incense, but they took the practice of using scented oils.

Arabs traders introduce the essential oils to Europe in the Renaissance period; perfumes quickly became popular throughout Europe.

One of the most distinguished brand names in the perfume world is Chanel, she wished for women to wear perfumes that gave them a sense of independence and of belonging to an important part of the culture.

Over the years, this specific perfume is till today a symbol of elegance and status, this perfume is used today by many celebrities including Hollywood’s beautiful actress and models, which contribute to the fame and glamour connected with such a name of which Chanel Number 5 is connected.

The idea Of Chanel N°5 came from Ernest Beaux, with a mix of ylang-ylang, neroli, jasmine, and roses. An interesting fact is that nobody (outside of the company) knows the exact formula and is not a secret that every 30 seconds a bottle of Channel N° 5 is sold around the world.

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