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Valeria Meier is a makeup artist originally from Brazil; in 2003 she moves to Switzerland and continues her career as a makeup artist. Valeria has more than 20 years of experience as an international makeup artist and had the opportunity to work with international people in the fashion world. In 2015 she launched her eyelashes collection, which is made of 100% of human hair that meets the highest demands of quality.

Valeria Meier Eyelashes stands for elegance, naturalness, quality, creative and fairness. She has fourteen different models of eyelashes, and they are not just beautiful, but truly amazing because you can reuse them at least ten times.

When did you know, you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I never knew. That’s just happened. I was always a very creative person and was in every creative event in the school time as an organizer.

I studied 2 years of art as the second title in the time I learned chemistry annalist, although my colleagues said chemistry was not the right profession for me. All began in the Year 1996 when I was modeling for a model agency in Salvador da Bahia. After I opened a model school and began to make makeup and styling for video and advertising productions. I discovered my passion inside this world and with the years I developed myself as a well-known makeup artist in my town. When I came to Switzerland, I had a big experience in my profession as a makeup artist and event manager and booker. So I started in Switzerland in the Year 2006 again and since this time all the things just happened… I love my profession, and I could make five passions together: chemistry, art, communication, business, and teaching.

Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Definitely Duda Molinos, a Brazilian Makeup Artist. In 1998, when I started, all the things were very analogical in Brazil, Duda was very modern and analytical for that time. He inspired me. I love his patient, too. He is a great human being.

One time I met him on the backstage in Salvador for a fashion week, and I was so happy to see his work so close. After Yasmin Heinz, Ellis Faas and Pat Mc Greath are my inspirations. I also love the work from Isamaya French and Lan Grealis.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

Since 20 years. I started as a model in a model agency, and later I worked for then as a booker. However, I had a Makeup school and began with makeup for the sed cards from my students. Inside the agency, I had the possibility to work with photographers for advertising and fashion shootings. I began with small Shootings for a telephone provider and before I came to Switzerland I had may last Shooting in Brazil for the government from Angola.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

A perfectly blended Skin. I work on the skin very systematic to get an extreme flawless skin. I can make the airbrush effect with my own hands to get the “photoshop” effect only with light and makeup.

What’s your favorite makeup product?

Oh my gooodddd. So many… Here are a few: face & Body from mac, YSL Dessin du Regard waterproof crayon, Dior show waterproof mascara, Dior forever foundation, artistry eyebrow pencil, kryolan ultra-foundation, Bobbi brown brush cleaner, the old pearl pigments from nyx, dermalogica skincare products, duo lash glue and my Valeria Meier eyelashes

What does beauty mean to you?

A perfect balance. Between beauty and not beauty, perfection, and imperfection, lights and darkness, good and bad, nothing and all… the balance is the new perfection for me.

Which are the colors for this season?

For the spring: pastel and neon colors such matt colors…

For the summer: the liquid bronzing highlighters will be the big joker this season for me…

Which are the must make-ups every woman should have in the makeup bag?

Lipstick and powder.

Tell us about your eyelashes line

Eyelashes were my passion. I always applied lashes on the models for my work. Eight years ago I made my own collection; I had a collection with over 200 different lashes…

After a long time thinking about it and a long research with so many different fabrics, I founded the right fabric for me and I developed my first line “Natural Elegance.”

They are 100% human hair and very natural and light to wear. I love animals, and I never will produce animal lashes.

What is most important for a woman at the moment she put the eyelashes?

To be herself. So many people would like to try lashes but are afraid to make mistakes. For the people in Switzerland, lashes are relative to a new product (although we have lashes since the 20’).

But that will be more popular. So… The woman has to think about. That’s just a product like mascara… but a little bit better, because lashes make the best work with the eyes. Just choose a good quality. Inform well about the glue and allergy for latex (there is latex-free glue too), just wait for the glue begins to dry (about 30 seconds)  set the lashes so near to your own lashes. This is like to learn to make the eyeliner. You have to make it more times… than it will be perfect. But applying lashes is not that difficult like apply eyeliner; for example

How long a person can let the eyelashes?

For the whole day. After you can clean them and put back on the package to reuse. I love fresh lashes, but mine you can use them at least ten times again.

You have seven different eyelashes model, which is one is the most beloved one?

I have on the time, fourteen different models. My most loved are: #17 and #18

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To know more about Valeria, please visit: Valeria Meier


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