Beauty is an essence, looking beautiful for me means having the healthiest and comfort of life. Looking beautiful means get noticed, be healthy and simply taking care of us.

For me is important to dedicate myself, to dedicate time, to take care of hair, of skin, simply be feminine. Despite the fact, I am not a person who wears too much makeup… I always go for a natural look; I must say that my skin is not complicated at all, and my beauty routine, is simple.

I try to drink 2,5 liters of water per day because I need to be hydrated, and the most important for beautiful skin is to be hydrated and eat healthily.

At the moment to pick my beauty products I really take the time, and I must say I have to try different products till I could arrive at the right products.

One of my favorite products for the face is Clinique; in the morning when I wake up I wash my face with Clinique Liquid facial soap, after that I use the Clarifying lotion, the dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion and its all about eyes cream, after that routine, I apply Yves Rocher Hydratant Dermo-Apaisant Jour. This routine I repeat it at night before I go to sleep.

Living in a country wherein winter the Sun rarely came out… I like to put in the night extra Glam Bronze spray in the face, I let fry and then I go to bed, which gives me a little golden color in my face I always have in summer.

To my skin extra soft, I put in the shower baby oil on my skin, the baby oil makes my skin extremely soft, and before I get dressed I always use Victoria Secret body lotion, they have a special smell that I really love and they last the whole day… and of course, the splash is part of this after-shower ritual.

I like to smell good… and the Victoria Secret body lotion together with the splash do the trick for me and even make my clothes smell amazing.

This is basically the moment I take just for me, it doesn’t matter if I have a lazy day or a stressful day, this is the moment the world stop spinning, and where the most important person is me!

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