3D print Fashion Show

Danit Peleg is a Fashion Student from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, and she just had her 3D print Fashion Show. Danit prints out with 3D printer her entire collection of garments for her final project, today we bring you guys the whole process of this fascinating journey of Danit.

”I wanted to challenge myself to print the entire collection using home 3D printers. To be honest, I also wanted to have the freedom to make my own textiles as opposed to depending on what I’d find on the market”
Danit Peleg

Everything started in September 2014 when she started working on her graduate collection. She was determined to revolutionize the Fashion industry, consequently, she skipped the sewing machines and fabrics and choose the 3D printer to print out her entire collection at home. She hardly knew anything about technology, but that was not a stop in her dream to try out new possibilities at the moment to design, the outcome was incredible and she was able to bring the fashion design to a whole new level, after creating her collection, including the shoes for each garment, at home thanks to hours of 3D printer. She actually wanted to know if it’d be possible to create an entire garment using technology accessible to anyone, and the result was yes you can!

Together with an amazing team at TechFactoryPluy and XLN, they experiment with different printers and materials until they discover which printer was the better to work with and which material was the best to use. After a month of experiments and developments, she found out Filafex, a strong and flexible plastic, that she used to create her entire collection. After 2000 hours and using Witbox home printer she manages to print out her collection.

This has been the most interesting year of my life. When I got started, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make this happen, but with the help of incredible people, I was able to fulfill my dream – to print my own fashion collection. 


I really enjoyed the fact that I could create without intermediaries; I could design my own textiles and manufacture my own clothes, all from my own home. I didn’t have to go buy cloth that someone else chose to sell – I could make my own. 


I think this is just the beginning. As technologies evolve, we will soon be all printing our own clothes at home. 

Danit Peleg

If you want to know more about Danit and her process please visit: Danit Peleg

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