Fashion Designer Alja Slemensek

Alja is a fashion designer, graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. In the same year of her graduation, she did an internship in Kaufman Franco in New York. Alja was one of the 6th finalists for the Ramazzotti Runway Award in 2010 at Berlin Fashion Week, she was also selected to showcase at Bitola FW in Macedonia in 2011 and in the fall also at A La Mode 2011. She has consolidated her career as a fashion designer in Europe, she has presented her collection in Austria, Germany, Macedonia, London and of course Slovenia and we have the opportunity to make her a little interview, to know a little bit more about her last collection FresDeco.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

My collection name is FresDeco. So already the name tells you where I was looking for my inspiration. I love the details, and I am not talking about decoration on clothing, but more like special shapes or unique a bit different patterns that are still simple and kind at the same time.

To whom you design?

Alja Slemensek design for all women, mostly, but of course I am always open to any other wishes or ideas. My designs were bought by quite a different crowd such as young and older women and even men because besides clothing, I must mention I also design and make these unique, handmade and very useful Fox scarves, which were very well accepted.

What inspires you?

Hmm, it so much. I don’t want to sound corny, but life in general and people also just fashion itself, details. I love details also in other things too. I love to design in general.

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