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MGH is a Venezuelan jewelry brand inspired to create positive energy; each piece is hand made and has a unique meaning reminding us every day that the most important thing is to live fully and with the best attitude. I have been obsessed with MGH ever since I saw them a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot wait to receive my little MGH package soon, nevertheless, I prepared a little interview with Liliana M Barela to discover more about this Venezuelan brand.

How did you get into fashion?

Since we were in college we were passionate for women accessories, we used to make earrings and necklaces for our friends and for ourselves, and one day decided to make it a business and a way of living

How did you come to start your own line?

We decided to mix our love for yoga and our love for fashion and started a meaningful jewelry line named chakra bracelets, full of positive energy

Tell us about your collections, how would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our lines have designs made by our creativity mixed with ancient symbols like zodiac signs and chakras mandalas. They are meaningful jewelry full of positive energy. Our idea is that you can wear something that is beautiful but at the same time has a special meaning for you, something that makes you special and happy, and that happiness is contagious; you can spread your good vibes with the rest of the world, making it a better place.

How much does travel influence your designs?

Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective? We would love to visit India one day, there is so much ancient knowledge that we just don’t know about, they have all this special way to see life and energy that is just amazing.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

I think we are boho chic, we mixed ancient and fashion style.

Which phase is the most delicate in creating a piece of jewelry?

The most delicate phase is gold plating, we want our pieces to be as good and durable as they can consider is a copper plating piece. We want to sell accessible accessories but with the best quality possible

What piece of advice would you give a young designer who just graduated from college?

You need to be really patient with clients, dealing with people every day is complicated because everybody has their own issues, but as we stand with our designs, with a good attitude you can manage every situation in a positive way. My advice for every person that has a dream is to pursue it no matter what, ideas are fragile and can be destroyed by people saying to you that you won’t make it, so fulfill yourself with only positive comments and dismiss the bad ones, surround yourself with positive people and work hard, new ideas are crazy only until someone makes it successfully!!

What is elegance according to you?

Elegance is whatever makes you feel comfortable and pretty, something that makes you feel in peace with yourself, as coco channel said: elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”

What’s next for you professionally?

We are launching our website this year hopefully, to continue to internationalize our brand.

To know more about this brand please visit: By MHG

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