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Today post is about Natalia Mazzei Zubillaga, she is a Venezuelan designer fashion living in New York, I personally discover her in Instagram, and after seeing her whole feed I was in love with her aesthetics, and after I discovered she was from Venezuela, and that she worked for my illustration teacher back when I was studying fashion, I knew had to make her an interview, to discover more her creative process and how this story began.

For those who don’t know you, tell us about your background

My mother is an independent curator who taught me, since I was little, to value and understand art. I’ve had the good fortune to have been raised in a nourishing environment and travel the world; this has allowed me to visit beautiful places and meet fascinating people. I was raised to appreciate art from our everyday life to the smallest detail, and it is exactly in those details that we designers find our inspiration.

I love to visit galleries and museums as well as reading and walking in city parks and leisure spaces. Living in a city like New York allows me to enjoy great and varied cultural events. I consider myself a dreamer, but always with my feet on the ground trying to make those dreams a reality. I’m direct, perseverant and an overall perfectionist person. I work to reach excellence in everything that I do.

Why did you pick New York for your brand?

New York, being a multicultural city, offers me a life full of great learning opportunities. The city is one of the world’s most important fashion capitals and it is home to the very renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, where I am currently continuing my academic preparation.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first formal job in the fashion industry was at the Caracas’ store location of Venezuelan designers Maria Fernanda Pulgar and Audra Blanco. Without a doubt, it was a fulfilling experience and a great start that allowed me to get to know different parts of the creative process, a key element of fashion design.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve your own Brand.

Changes… Since I started NMZ I now spend all of my time devoted entirely to the Brand, I find myself working 24/7! I’m also in constant search of how to better myself as a designer and as a person, by reading, studying, writing and acquiring new knowledge that I can then translate to improvements for NMZ.

How do you choose your inspiration?

My sources of inspiration depend on where I am physically and how my surroundings influence my being. However, a constant source of inspiration for me has always been art, in its different forms.

What do you like about your work?

What I most enjoy is the creative process. Having an idea, putting in on paper and then being able to make it a reality. I also love seeing a woman dressed in NMZ and being able to appreciate how she feels confident and happy while wearing my designs.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

My love of fashion started since I was very young. My mother was a huge part of that since she taught me to value and understand art. As I grew older I started to focus my interest in the art world and began entering the world of fashion design.

What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

It is utterly fascinating, without a doubt. However, it is far from easy to succeed in it. You need to have the will and talent in order for you to be able to cope with the demands of the Industry. Creativity is key and there are always new things to discover!

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the Fashion Business?

I would tell them that it is not an easy field. In fact, it is the total opposite. The most important thing, I think, is to feel passionate about the marvelous industry that is fashion. I think that is the secret to achieving success. I would advise them to be curious, to always be on the lookout for things happening around them, and that by keeping their curiosity alive it will allow them to develop themselves in this creative world.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere. In nature, places, people, even in everyday activities. However, a constant source of inspiration for me has been art, in its different forms. Inspiration for me is a very personal process in which I try little by little to interpret an idea through my designs.

What was the inspiration for your last collection?

My most recent collection is Holiday 2015/2016. Its starting point is the city of New York. The creative process for this collection coincided with me moving to New York City, which resulted in me finding inspiration from episodes that happened during such an important life event. The collection depicts the agitated characteristic of Cosmopolitan cities and aesthetic timelessness.

In one word: how would you define yourself as a designer?


If you want to know more about this great talent, please visit: Natalia Mazzei Zubillaga

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