Lingerie & swimwear designer

Daniela Paradeis is a fashion designer from Vienna, Austria. Daniela is a lingerie & swimwear designer who designs eco-friendly, unique, and limited editions for your everyday luxury. She is inspired by vintage styles with a contemporary, yet feminine vision, every single piece is designed and manufactured in Vienna, Austria.

Not to mention, that from hand pattern drafting to final individual finish, the detail that goes into every piece, makes Daniela Paradeis lingerie & loungewear exquisitely exclusive. Every single piece is made to order, which means each item is made especially for you!

Daniela Paradeis is fair, vegan, and sexy. But also her lingerie & loungewear is incredible. All the products are made of carefully selected, European deadstock materials and are not only sweatshop-free but animal-free as well.

We talked to Daniela, about her career as a fashion designer, what inspired her, and how did she start.

Daniela is part of the Austria fashion initiative: #wirsindzusamme ( we are together)

The initiative #wirsindzusammen was launched by Marcos Valenzuela to unite creative people in Austria and to develop projects among creatives. These projects are intended to contribute to rapid development in order to get out of the crisis caused by the pandemic more quickly. In addition, the initiative is intended to invite the government to recognize the enormous potential that creatives in the fashion world in Austria can offer the country. Over the course of the year since its inception, the initiative has focused more on projects related to the fashion world in Austria.

Lingerie designer Daniela Paradeis

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

When I only dressed my Barbie dolls for the occasions I made up in my head, never really actually playing with them.

What’s it like being in the fashion industry?

It’s a challenge that keeps on giving when you know what you stand for and where you are good at.

How is the fashion industry in Vienna?

The fashion industry in Vienna is often ignored, sometimes neglected, but when discovered, always dearly loved

Lingerie designer Daniela Paradeis

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

I spent my first month as a fashion intern cutting fabrics in squares and sticking them to cardboards.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve started your own label.

I definitely work more than before, but I definitely love my job so much more than before. Even after 6 years, I can hardly believe that I get to do every day what I absolutely love to do.

Lingerie designer Daniela Paradeis

How do you choose your inspiration?

I don’t choose inspiration, inspiration chooses me;) Every single one of my customers gives me new inspiration for their new pieces.

In one word, how would you define yourself as a designer?


What advice would you pass along to those starting in the Fashion Business?

Learn everything as much as possible from scratch and be kind to others.

To know more about Daniela, please visit: Daniela Paradeis


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