Marketing Director Julia Munder

Julia Munder is the marketing director of Maxwell Scott, she is originally from Stuttgart Germany, and she is been living in York and working for Maxwell Scott for the last 8 years. Julia studied English, German and Intercultural Communications at Saarland University in Saarbrücken and she did her Masters in International Communications at the University of Leeds. Before joining Maxwell-Scott, she worked in theatre and TV. She worked for the Staatstheater in Stuttgart and Saarbrücken, she did a short stint at the ZDF and later joined the Ambassador Theatre Group in the UK.

Completely changing field and go into fashion and digital was definitely a new challenge for her. We talked to Julia about her career, and asked her a few questions about her experience at Maxwell Scott.


Is there any previous knowledge that you need to have in order to work in the Marketing & PR area or can anyone who has a talent for it do so?

I think it’s most important to have an interest in and talent for writing and communications combined with analytical thinking. Most of what we do in PR & Marketing is text-based, so good writing skills are definitely essential. 

Also, you need to like speaking to people and be outgoing since it’s a massive part of the job. Analytical thinking is something you can learn on the job. However, at some point in your career, you need to understand the data and numbers behind the campaigns to know what content is working. 

Did you always know exactly what you are good at and that Marketing & PR is exactly your thing?

I knew I was good at languages, international communication, and writing. However, looking at my background, I never thought of using all these skills and work internationally in the fashion industry. It just didn’t occur to me until I started working for Maxwell-Scott. A big part of my job now is numbers, data and a lot of technical tasks. Something that I never thought I’d be good at. However, understanding the “behind the scenes” makes me a much better marketer in a creative sense as well. Also, I am much more commercially aware than I was before which is obviously super important for business too.  

What are your daily tasks or what does a typical working day look like as marketing director at Maxwell Scott

There is no typical day which is the fun thing about it. I’m involved in all marketing activity which means that I’m often setting myself hourly tasks to get everything done. In the morning, I will hold meetings or check-in with the team and in the afternoon I plan ahead for the new season or analyze what campaigns are currently working or aren’t performing as well, plan photoshoots or whatever else needs doing. I also work with the PPC team and am currently learning the Facebook advertising platform. I’d like to think that I’m still quite hands-on because I need to understand things myself first before I can brief and help everyone else.

What do you like most about your job?

That it’s combining all my strengths and that no day is the same. Plus, I’m still a girl at heart, so the occasional glitz and glam.

What is it like to work for a fashion company and to be surrounded by beautiful things every day?

Not as glamorous as you might think but it definitely has it’s perks. From my experience in theatre, film, TV and now fashion I can definitely say that everything that looks fantastic and easy is a lot of hard work. Everyone successful that I have met in the industry is extremely hard working and smart.

What do you see as the greatest challenge in your job?

Managing people. I have to be stricter in the office than I would be if you’d meet me for a coffee. The balance between work and home persona isn’t always easy.

What can you advise other girls and young women who are looking for a career in Marketing & PR?

Work hard, learn more than everyone else and take every opportunity to gain experience and proof yourself. For people trying to get promoted or a pay rise, I’d say “Do the job first and then ask for the appropriate remuneration”. When you’ve proven yourself first, nobody can argue your worth.

What is your favorite Bag?  

Can I only pick one? Cento work bag – I carry my life in this bag. And the Perano chain bag for evening outfits.

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