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Mosevic is a cool independent eyewear company from Cornwall, UK. They are a small team with an original spirit and a love of combining traditional technique with inventive new ways of creating unique, beautiful and timeless products.

The new collection of Solid Denim sunglasses made entirely out of reclaimed denim fabric. Every single pair is unique. Expect flashes of colour and an explosion of texture! With 6 frame shapes available there is a unique and perfect pair for everybody.

Mosevic take discarded and damaged jeans and use the reclaimed fabric in our latest collection of Solid Denim eyewear. They recycle jeans of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Each pair of sunglasses is built from layers of these different denim fabrics using their unique, handcrafted process in their workshop in Cornwall, UK. From flashes of colour and subtle blue gradients to an explosion of textures each and every pair of sunglasses is completely unique. Batch 1 includes 6 different frame shapes and has just been launched on their site.

Mosevic transform these unloved jeans into sunglasses by infusing layers of the denim with a carefully selected resin to create Solid Denim. Denim is tough. Solid Denim is even stronger and it has all the properties needed to build high quality, tactile and striking eyewear. Yes, it really is denim all the way through!

Mosevic have a local supply of discarded jeans and they hand craft the sunglasses from their workshop in Cornwall, UK. They have developed a unique process for transforming these unloved jeans into Solid Denim and handcrafting this new material into eyewear.

These Solid Denim sunglasses aren’t a gimmick. Zeiss polarized lenses are offered with a graduated tint. The frames are contoured by adding more layers of denim where the frames rest on your nose and at the hinge. The temple arms are reinforced with a steel wire so that they do not lose their shape and they are connected to the frames with sturdy 5 barrel hinges.

To know more about this cool Eyewear, please visit: Mosevic




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