Designer Interview with Ségolène de Witt

Ségolène de Witt is a Parisian designer; was born & raised in Paris, France, where she lived 26 years. She studied in Paris fashion design and started working in the industry as a photo stylist and wardrobe chef on fashion shows. 2009 life brought her to Vienna, where she worked 6 years as a costume designer for international theatre & opera. 2014 she started a small brand specialized in corset making, this is one of her favorite pieces and it fits, to almost every woman.

”I love the shape that it gives to the female body”

2016 she lounged her very first collection „sculpture des corps„. ( A mixture of Prêt à porter & Couture, strong graphic, are defining the shape of this collection. )

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Actually quite late… I always knew that I want to work in art, but I was not sure if I wanted to became an artist, graphist and so on… so I did a lot of different studies lol I went to the Academy des beaux-arts de Paris ( that is in Vienna „ die Angewandte „ ) I did Penninghen LESAG ( graphic design ) and I think with 24 I finally said now I know LOL and I did fashion.

As a Parisian Designer, what’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

Working in that industry is not easy, it is a lot of hard work, you are constantly searching for something new, better, different as a designer, but you also have to think like a business person which can be quite hard for a creative person. Designing is actually a small part of your work.

But when you see the result and the fact that people like your designs, it is worth all of it.

What do you like about your work?

What I love about my work is the creative part. When I search for new lines, ways to shape the feminine body. That´s what I really enjoy.

What inspires you at the moment you create a dress?

LOL, this is a very hard question! it is everything and nothing. It can be a song, a city, people, a painting, architecture, a feeling, or just talk with someone. Everything around you is a source of inspiration.

Tell us about your last collection, what was your inspiration?

I wanted this collection to be very graphic with strong lines that define the body shape. I had this view of a very feminine body, that would be accentuated by these lines.

That was the start let say of my inspiration, I started sketching while listening to some music and the clips came with „Paris oh la la „ from grace & the nocturnals.

So, I guess it was inspiration from architecture, music, body shape, all mixed together.

Which is your favorite material to work with

I don´t really have a favorite material to work with, I think each material has his own purpose, and it depends on what kind of look you want to achieve.


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Credits for the pictures of the look book

Styling guy Debast
Photography Sigrid Meyer
MUA Christine Akbaba
Model Stella models Doris H.

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