Tiberius Jewels Exhibition

Tiberius is a cosmopolitan and proud Austrian brand in the European sense, is not a secret that we are a fan of this great brand and we have been following them for years now. For those of you, who don’t know the brand, they are a successful Austrian Brand, with Marcos Valenzuela as a chief designer.

Recently Tiberius had a beautiful jewelry exhibition Artistar Jewels just after the summer the summer break. The ARTISTAR JEWELS collection presents selected exhibits from all over Europe and is shown in 30 European cities. The exhibits were selected by, among others, the prestigious fashion expert Elisabetta Barracchia (Creative Director Fashion | Vanity Fair & Editor | Italian Vogue).

Tiberius is once again attracting international attention, even do it is already known across Austria’s borders that the stylish store in the Lindengasse is not only home to the polemic and sensual model list “TIBERIUS”, but also a melting pot for international fashion Cooperations and brand development, as well as other design forms, such as exquisite jewelry or avant-garde hat fashion.

TIBERIUS founder Karl Ammerer and chief designer Marcos Valenzuela are proud that their store has been chosen as the venue for this great event. “Fashion and design lose their banality with such international projects and gain diplomatic and economic importance,” says Karl Ammerer.

The aim of ARTISAR JEWELS is to promote designers from all over Europe, to export their names and creativity to other European countries, and to open doors for sponsored artists, in other countries.

Many creative minds work together here and live the romantic philosophy and the European ideal scenario of trade and cultural interaction. “It makes us incredibly happy to have this exhibition at TIBERIUS.

Fashion brings us together and the concept fits us, “says Marcos Valenzuela. The designs shown are a mixture of sales and non-pure exhibition pieces and underline once more that Tiberius is a meeting place for cosmopolitans, visionaries and model lovers.

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Photo-credits: Tiberius Vienna

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