Blickfang Exhibition

Blickfang is a platform for young and upcoming design with international exhibitions in Stuttgart, Munich, Basel, Zurich, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Hamburg. This year we assist in the Vienna exhibition, which took place in MAK.

More than 13.000 people went to visit Blickfang in Vienna, bringing independent brands together with new designs for people who want to discover new styles in fashion, furniture, jewelry and much more.

Today we discover; new designers, new trends and new accessories; it is always refreshing for me to assist in these types of events, which give the opportunity to see the new artist and new ideas. This year I was invited by Lazlo Fashion.

From the fashion designer, I must say Hungary stands up I had the opportunity to meet INQ, a Hungarian brand who was born in 2013 with the express goal of giving young and aspiring designers exposure and experience. INQ stands for Incubator, with cool pieces of clothing, dedicated to young people, with great jackets especially for this winter. We also have the opportunity to meet Edina Lazlo, a Hungarian fashion designer, with beautiful pieces of clothes, but more than an excellent designer, is also a beautiful person; her clothes are unique and have delicate details, each piece tells you a story, and are extremely feminine.

Another cool idea was from Kerbholz, a German company that produces glasses and watches from wood with the finest quality and handmade. The bags from Pieters Zoon, beautiful high-quality leather handbags with different models and sizes.

One thing is sure, Blickfang is the right international platform for design and high-quality pieces, dedicated to people who appreciate new things and innovative and creative pieces.

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