Artig Intimates Copenhagen

Artig Intimates was founded in fall 2014, in Copenhagen, a city with a long history of quality design.

The people behind are Julie Elisabeth who is the owner and the designer and Michelle who is PR Manager. The thought was to create a universe of conscious, relaxed, romantic luxury lingerie, by women, for women.

Julie and Michelle believe it is possible to have an ethical production and spare the environment.

Danish Design is well recognized worldwide, it was developed in the mid-20th century; the Danish design is a style of functionalistic, influenced by the German Bauhaus School, Danish designers used the new industrial technologies, combined with simplicity and functionalism.

For me personally underwear is a key piece for a whole outfit, I believe women should feel sexy from the inside out, and underwear apart of functionally and beautiful, it has to be comfortable.

Artig intimates are made by hand and are sustainable, relaxed, romantic luxury lingerie, tailor-made from organic and eco-friendly fabric, is underwear, made to satisfy the sexy women’s.

We Talk to Julie, to learn more about this company and how the idea was developed, and why she chooses these particular fabrics to produce these beautiful pieces.

How did the idea of Artig Intimates develop?

One day I cleaned out my old sewing stuff, here I found some underwear I once made. This reminded me of an old idea, about having my own lingerie company. So I started creating some different prototypes of lingerie. Once it was done I send a picture of it to my friend, Michelle. She asked me if she could be my PR manager, first I thought she was kidding, but it quickly turned out to be serious. And I realized, that maybe I was on to something. That is how Artig intimates were born.

What makes Artig Intimates special?

What sets Artig Intimates apart from other lingerie companies, is our aesthetic and that we are sustainable. We are a small company and I make every piece of lingerie myself. This makes the bond between the customer and us quite personal.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our aesthetic builds on Scandinavian design principals of simplicity and function. I combine that with romantic details, which makes the collection both sweet and simple, with the characteristic of being innocent, thereby the name “Artig”, which means, ”well behaved” in Danish.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I often take inspiration in the women surrounding me and build an entire imaginary universe around them. I then wonder what they would like in this dream universe and hold it against what they need in real life. The collection creates a symbiosis between the two.

Tell us about your material, and why did you choose these materials?

We put a great deal in being sustainable and strive to make our pieces from as much organic fabric as we can.

In the future we want to keep making everything in Denmark, ensuring ethical work conditions, thus minimizing waste.




Photographer: Signe Mørkebjerg

Model: Kristina Korsholm

Hair stylist: Iben

Stylist: Michelle Sun


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