Best Fashion Apps by Adriana Boscarolo

If you are looking for: how to plan your Fashion outfits, how to have outfits ideas, how to digitally organize your closet, how to coordinate your looks, or how to buy in an easier way …

These fashion apps are for you !!!. Discover which one best suits your needs and have fun with fashion!


Glam Outfit

If you are one of the mornings, you lose a lot of time to get dressed … This app will help you plan your looks for the week. There are two options: you can look for inspiration in the gallery of the platform, or take pictures of your clothes to place them on the calendar. With just a click on the date, the same application tells you what the look of the day is.


If you are constantly looking for inspirations to dress up. Polyvore will help you discover outfits ideas, and prepare your own looks. Each product indicates the brand and the price. In addition, it offers the option to purchase in the panel of each item.

Stitch Fix

If on the contrary, you want advice … Stitch Fix, offers a virtual fashion consultant service. This is the only paid app. Because in turn, it provides “total look” (free shipping) shipments. You just have to fill out a specific form of your measurements, tastes or preferences. Choosing your budget and the number of deliveries you want to receive per month.

Fashion Freax

If you are a lover of fashion and trends, you will love this app. It’s like fashion Instagram! It works very similar. You have an account, followers, and likes.

Chic Feed

This is an application that brings together the best fashion and Street Style webs of the network, such as: “Jak & Jill” “The Sartorialist” “Face Hunter” among others. This platform allows you to see them all, and thus not look for them separately.

Take advantage of technology and try to reinvent your image every day! Create, take a chance and enjoy these fashion tools! For more information about fashion, image consultancy, and stylist personnel, you can follow me on all networks like.


Adriana Boscarolo

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