Why You Should Only Buy High-Quality Clothing

One of the truest sayings in fashion is “quality over quantity.” More often than not, buying one high-quality item will always be better than buying five of the same item but made with cheaper materials.

While we all love some variety in our wardrobes, there are multiple benefits to spending your money on quality items; here are some of the best ones.

Saves Money

While, initially, high-quality items will be more expensive, they will save you a lot of money down the line. One of the biggest problems with “cheap” clothing is that the items aren’t designed to last several years.

In the time it takes to wear out a pair of Levi’s jeans or Dr Martens, for example, you would have bought two, three, or even four pairs of cheaper jeans or boots.

Looks Newer, for Longer

Because high-quality items use the best materials available, they will almost always look newer for longer. Cheap materials tend to fade, get worn down, tear, or whatever it may be, and look old quickly.

You will also tend to find that higher-quality clothing can handle being washed better than cheaper clothing, as cheaper clothing is prone to shrinking or losing its shape.

Higher Quality Clothing Feels Better

Without even looking at who made a shirt or what material it is made out of, it is very easy to tell the difference between something that is low quality and something that is high quality. Better materials feel better and more comfortable, unlike cheaper alternatives that can feel incredibly scratchy.

This applies across the board to shoes as well; soft leather will always feel more comfortable to wear compared to a cheaper, more plastic-feeling material.

Why You Should Only Buy High-Quality Clothing

Slow Fashion Helps the Environment 

One of the biggest criticisms of many affordable clothing stores over the past few years is that they contribute greatly to environmental damage. There is nothing surprising here; if you are producing something en masse, more often than not, you will be damaging the environment. 

On the other hand, high-quality garments are considered “slow fashion” as you tend to wear them longer, and there is no need to replace them after six months or a year. This means manufacturers can’t produce hundreds of tons of clothing at a time, therefore lessening their environmental impact

Better Fit

Another thing you will find with high-quality clothing is that it will fit better. Less time and effort is made with cheaper clothing to ensure it fits perfectly, as instead, you will just get the general small, medium, and large sizing. 

Cheaper clothing lacks the “nuance” required to fit different body types, and it also lacks the sizing options, too. 

Benefits of High-Quality Shoes 

As mentioned already, high-quality doesn’t just apply to clothing either, as there are several benefits to buying and wearing high-quality shoes. 

Extra Comfort

High-quality shoes tend to come with several comfort additions. This can range from a moldable insert to a more flexible material or a softer toe cap. Another factor that influences comfort is the fit of the shoe itself. 

Much like clothing, cheaper shoes tend to have very generic sizes that don’t suit every foot type. On the other hand, more expensive, better-quality shoes are able to adjust to any foot type and ensure maximum comfort. 

Better Foot Support

One of the most important things a shoe needs to do is offer foot support, and many experts will tell you that poor-quality shoes just don’t offer enough. Considering we wear shoes almost every day, for large parts of the day, you want to be certain that they aren’t damaging your feet.  

While you don’t know how well a shoe supports your foot until you have worn them for a while, higher-quality shoes tend to have better soles, inserts, and better ankle support. 


Considering high-quality shoes can get very expensive, durability should be something that you don’t need to question. Once again, using Dr Martens as an example, they are famous for being able to handle everything from a night out to a day at a festival and almost everything in between. 

Why You Should Only Buy High-Quality Clothing

Better for Your Joint Health

One thing that many people tend to forget is that shoes aren’t just there to protect your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes, or shoes of lesser quality, will also damage far more than your feet and give you long-term problems. 

The act of walking uses your feet, ankles,  legs, knees, and hips, and all of these can be damaged over the long term by wearing poor-quality shoes. Therefore, buying the best shoes to protect your joints is essential. 

As you can see, the benefits of buying high-quality clothing, whether a dress, workout clothes, or shoes, far outweigh the cons. And yes, while they can be more expensive, as mentioned already, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

More importantly, higher-quality clothing looks better, feels better, fits better, and you can do your bit in protecting the environment too. 

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