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Today I have a very exciting post for you guys; this is Vanessa Dembo a multifaceted Venezuelan woman and the mastermind behind Vanessa style shop, that also happened to be my cousin, although we didn’t grow up together I remember hearing the last name Dembo around the house and somehow that last name remained in the back of my head.

One day after I started the blog and I open my Instagram account, suddenly I had a new follower on my Instagram account Vanessa Dembo, she likes my pictures I like hers, then I realize that she was Venezuelan, that she was friend of friends, and we start to get in contact till we discover that were related and in the same business of blogging and of course we are both fashion lovers… This is her story…

Tell us about yourself

I am originally from Venezuela. I have been living in Minneapolis, Minnesota for almost eleven years with my husband, son and our dog Chico. I always try to get inspired by people or things that motivate me and most likely I define myself as a multifaceted woman trying to evolve in a country and state that are completely different than the country I was born and grew up in. That is why I have always done so many different things because I can’t define myself as a one thing, you can’t say that you are only a mom or a wife I don’t think that a person only has one characteristic of qualities, you can be more than two things and I am that person. As a woman, we are complex and not everyone understands how we think and I think that is who I am. I like to exercise, I love animals, I love being a mom, I love fashion and I love to support women. I also like to sing, which is one of the things that I still do as my professional hobby. I stay tuned to my passions and discovered new interests like Vanessa Style Shop

Tell us about your project

This project is about showcasing talented designers from Latin America and brands while working with brands that also assist in wonderful social causes and support other women. Right now I have 5 brands that support areas from cancer foundations to supporting the Wayuu indigenous tribe

How did the idea of Vanessa Style Shop start

Venessa Style Shop was born from my love of the Venezuelan design style and how Venezuelan people carry themselves, the colors, patterns, and accessories that I grew up with. I loved seeing strong women carry themselves like that and when I moved to Minnesota I felt that with the weather there was a different vibe. I wasn’t going to as many social events as I did in Venezuela, but every time I would go out with my husband or go out to an event or even down the street I would always wear something made in Venezuela or an accessory that would bring a pop to my outfits where people always stopped and asked me about it. I realize there was a common denominator with the accessories and when I mentioned it to one of the designers that I was interviewing for my blog, I learned how as a company they were also assisting women in Venezuela. I really like to support causes and realized that this was an opportunity to give support to women-owned businesses and I believe this part of the United States needs a little bit of the Latin flavor that I can bring them!

How do you pick the pieces

Well, I started only with bracelets and when I posted on Instagram, designers and brands got in contact with me. I was taken aback by the positive response. I saw the brands and products and decided, based on what goes with my boho chic style or when I see a piece that connects with my vibe, I bring it to the store! with I also look for vendors that support a cause. Not everyone in my store supports a cause but they have a history behind them, they have worked with international designers before or they have partnered with fashion designers from Venezuela and all over the world. I really appreciate and think that is a blessing that they would want to work with me and trust me with their pieces.

What is important at the moment you pick a piece for your shop

I look for WOW pieces go with my lifestyle as well with my boho style that shows versatility and uniqueness. One of the things that I really want people to understand is that when you go to Vanessa Style Shop you are going to find unique pieces, not something that you will see everywhere. I keep my style boho chic but sometimes I think my main customer in Minnesota may want something subtle. I work with an amazing designer that does beautiful handmade pieces in sterling silver and gold plated, so there is something for everyone. The design, the color, the material… they are different, they are unique! If you have an outfit and need something that pops and has people ask you, “wow what is that,” this is the type piece you are going to find at Vanessa Style Shop.

How do you select the artist

Someone who I like their designs or who I want to work with and someone that I believe in what they do as a company. Carolina Damas is an artist that I love and I carry her beautiful earrings at the store. Carolina is an established brand name in Venezuela and for me to get a call from her and have her say “your store is gorgeous and I would love to be in your store” that was a big deal! Carolina has worked with Gian Franco Ferre & Roberto Cavalli in fashion shows in Milan, she studied jewelry design, she is a big deal and I am proud and humbled that she is working with me. I have been a client and fan for a long time.

What is the next step in your career

I am really excited because pretty soon I am going to start developing my own line- I don’t want to give away too much but they will be different products that will be exclusive to Vanessa Style Shop and expanding the store. I am working on getting worldwide shipping going and I just opened 4 months ago – it has been crazy! Another thing I would like for the reader to know that when you shop at my store there is no wait time to get the piece done and then sent out. The pieces that are posted have already been made with love and are set to go. Everything is in-house, in stock, and handmade.

To discover more about Vanessa and her Style shop, please visit: Vanessa Dembo

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