Coffee Table Book by Yasmin Heinz

Yasmin Heinz present us her new Coffee Table Book: Elements. Yasmin is one of the most impressive makeup artists I ever knew. I had the opportunity to meet her back in 2015 when she was the makeup artist and the jury on the Miss Vienna 2015.  Since then we remain in contact, and cannot make me happier than to present you her second coffee table book Elements.

Her amazing creativity has brought her to work with Fashion Designers including Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Jena Paul Gaultier and Sonia Rykiel; magazines, like, Elle, ID, Harper’s BAZAAR, Hunger, Vanity Fair and Vogue; between others.

Her incredible new English coffee table beauty and art book “elements” by Prestel Publisher/Random House shows the incredible work of Yasmin, who uses the human face as her art piece. Working at the sharpness of fashion, from photo-shoots to the runway, music videos and advertising campaigns.

This book is to inspire others, to lift up their spirits and to let them reflex about the relationship between themselves, the nature and to the environment, just look around you what is going on around the world…

She wanted to give her point of view, how she sees her aesthetic of beauty. It is a journey through the universe of beauty.


Yasmin Heinz is a dreamer, a believer and a visionary.


Every double page of this book tells a story, divided into four elements: Air, water, fire, earth. This coffee table book is a mix of her work and also is a big collaboration with another artist as well, featuring renowned illustrators and artists. This is how Yasmin sees makeup and art combining as one.

“In our daily and hectic lives the use of technology and social media often takes over posting, tweeting; sometimes we forget that Mother Nature is at play – we cannot survive without Mother Earth but yet the planets would survive  without us.”

I love to empower people through make-up and show them their beauty by helping them to understand how….Sometimes it is simply to uplifting a mood, making someone feel confident and happy – just receiving a smile; it is often my greatest reward. My new book is an extension of my vision and ideas and I love sharing it with you.”

Yasmin Heinz London 2017


Today you can find Yasmin’s book from New York till Vienna, or you can order per Amazon.

For more information about her book, please visit: Yasmin Heinz


Photo Credits:

  1. Sandrine and Michael

  2. Felix Lammers

  3. Gitte Meldgaard – Celebrity: Suki Waterhouse

  4. Scatch: Carol Legrand – Makeup by Yasmin Heinz

  5. Photo Christine Lutz

  6. Photo: Karin Berndl

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