Becoming a Fashion Designer

Did you always dream to become a Fashion Designer? Do you have what it takes, to be a fashion designer? You know, if Fashion designer is your dream career if you:

1. Spent your childhood making clothes for your barbie instead of playing with your friends

2. Read Fashion magazines, instead of your school textbooks

3. Ran a boutique from your basement at age of 10


However, there are several facets of the profession. Functioning as a clothier can as well suggest supervising a style group at a sportswear business as making a label under your own personal name.

Even though the former career may not seem as glamorous since the latter, it will make your life less stressful. Creating your own personal label takes a large amount of time, dedication and work. Not forgetting living over the poverty line for quite a while.


There are as numerous other ways to begin a fashion profession as there are types of styles. However, many people find that the most effective base for a design profession is to obtain a fine arts diploma popular at a prestigious college. Besides training your crafts, an excellent school will add credibility to your resume as well. 


There really is a complete large amount of colleges which have fashion programs, but merely a handful gets the type or type of reputation that will really push your job. It’s tough to enter these universities as competition is higher, and they are generally very selective. You will have to deliver a portfolio of drawings. Drawing can also be a significant skill for a designer,  it’s the real method you communicate your thinking. So to build a remarkable portfolio it’s best if you have some encounter in sketching; getting art classes can help you understand proportion and form. But you don’t have to be a specialist drawer to be accepted in a college. “The main quality that we try to find within our students is they are really passionate and exuberant about style,” says Mongo. “For those who have wonderful concepts, but can’t draw, you will find methods for getting around it always. You could as an example, put your styles on a mannequin and consider images of it. Through that right time, you will take fine art lessons and study drawing, color form, and composition.

Become familiar with pattern making also, draping and cutting strategies. The most important feature of design universities in which they work really carefully with. Parsons, as an example, Ambitious students have the opportunity to earn prestigious awards and grants,  which also bring them a whole lot of attention along with financial support.

One extremely important event could be the fashion show at the ultimate end of the last semester when graduating students display their collections. A whole lot of important people from the style industry attend to this graduation outrageous and acquire noticed by the mass media.

Hussein Chalayan or example, became instantly infamous when he showed rotting clothes that he had buried in his backyard for his graduation show at Saint Martin’s.



Schools are not for all. If you’re just wanting to get a job in the Fashion industry, not all the designers have a college degree.” In order to act as a seamstress or even a patternmaker, the advisable thing is probably to use for an internship at the fashion house and function your way up.

Nevertheless, there are many samples of famous creative designers who began as interns without any formal training. As an example, Dior’s brightest brand new star, men’s wear designer Hedi Slimane, got a diploma in journalism when he began working with men’s use developer Jose Levy. Balenciaga’s Nicolas GhesquiËre is another example of a brilliantly successful designer who learned the job as an assistant at Jean-Paul Gaultier. Generally, you submit an application for an internship by delivering a portfolio to a style house you’re enthusiastic about. But it’s best if you contact them up beforehand to notice exactly what they require. It’s also crucial that you note that competitors are fierce, and until you have private connections, it’s extremely tough to have an internship with no education.

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