How to Choose the Right Bra

Today’s post is all about the bras. At least 80% of women, wear the wrong size bra, to pick the right size and fit, are extremely important because it is not healthy for your breast, to be too tight.

In the 19th century, bras replaced the corset and in 1907 American Vogue has used the first time the word ‘’brassiere’’, and in 1914 Mary Phelps Jacob, receives a patent for inventing the first modern bra, but it was until 1922 when Ida Rosenthal a Russian immigrant in New York who works in the dress shop Enid Frocks, notice that a bra that fits a woman did not fit another woman with the same bra size, Ida, her husband and the owner of the store start developing bras for all ages. Their innovation was designed to make their dresses look better on the wearer. They named the company, Maiden Form.

Bras in all textures and form are part of today woman wardrobe, and for me is important as the outfit you decide to wear that day. I like to pick with detail my underwear and of course, it have to match because there is nothing more horrible to wear mismatched underwear; every woman, have to feel sexy in their own skin, it doesn’t matter if you are a model, or you are overweight, the way you feel is the way people are going to look at you; what is a good way to feel confident when you know that under that outfit, hide a sexy woman…

For me is important to invest in good underwear, not just because it looks pretty, but it has to fit you, and you have to feel comfortable with it.

One of my favorite brands is Intimissimi and Palmers, the shape and the cut of this bras are amazing, and they are extremely comfortable, and the most important they have so many types.


Before you buy a bra, it is important that you know about which occasion it will be, so you can come with an idea to the store. Are you looking for a bra for that special dress? Is this dress made from jersey? Is this bra to wear under your shirt? (This is really important because you will need a smooth one and not a lace one.)



Super-push: for those having a small breast and want to have more volume.

Balconet: this bra will give the best support and a beautiful neckline.

Multifunction Microfiber: this sort of bra has different possibilities to lock it, and it will give you the perfect volume under your t-shirt and any top you have.

Convertible Bra: you can detach and rearrange in different ways depending on your outfit.

Strapless Bra: this bra is designed for strapless dress or blouses, where you don’t want to show the shoulder straps

U-plunge Bra: this is the perfect bra when you have a deep plunging neckline.



Before you jump to buy all the bras, you will find in the store, ask the girl in charge to measure you, so you can find the perfect size. Also, you should try different types, so you can see which one fits you better, take time to find your perfect bra, and please always combine your underwear…

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