Fashion Week Vienna

The busiest week has finally come to Vienna, MQ Fashion Week 2015 is here and that means one week of non-stop fashion shows, Haute couture, and new proposals. MQ Fashion Week started last Sunday with the Opening Show of the German designer Marina Hoermanseder hosted by Flair Magazine.

I started my week by assisting with my friend Simona to Alwa Petroni and whatever Eye, a beautiful show I have to say. Alwa Petroni is a successful Austrian designer, who has made her name over the years, she is also a milliner and her extravagant hair pieces were, of course, part of the show.

Alwa finds her inspiration from past decades, however not only for the clothes collection but also for her handicraft accessories pieces. Her proposal in black consisted of beautiful dresses where she mixes materials creating a sophisticated and elegant look.


The second designer we could appreciate was Whatever Eye, the designer behind is Stefanie Grißmann, she graduates from the university of applied arts in Vienna and in 2103 she opened her own atelier. Her clothes are distinct from her elaborate drapes and high-quality silk fabrics. She founds her inspiration everywhere, but especially in the music. Her proposal was goodness dresses in silk and other materials with elaborate drapes which remained me of Greece and Roman goodness.

The way she transform the fabric is fantastic, and I do not even want to think in the work hours she invested in created every single look.


I have to say I liked these two designers and their proposal, unfortunately, I could not stay more to see the end of day 2, but we were delighted to see these two amazing designers and add them to our favorite list of local designers. Fortunately is a lot to come still this week and we cannot wait to see the rest of the new upcoming designers and new ideas.

Photo Credits: Verena Mandragora

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