Mrs. Universe Beauty Pageant Inga Malik

The worldwide renowned Mrs. Universe Beauty Pageant takes place this year for the 40th time. In late August, it will take place in Durban, South Africa and will be received with a wide media coverage, live broadcasting by international TV stations and Austria will be represented by the beautiful, brown-haired Inga Malik.

About Inga Malik

Inga Malik was born in December 1986 in Ukraine and grew up, having a wonderful childhood, with loving parents and family members. She was a very active child and took multiple after-school classes like gymnastics, theater club, and ballroom dancing. Sport always played a big role in her life. After her high school graduation, she applied for law studies at the State National University of Kiev, Ukraine. After she finished her master program there, she moved to Austria. Her life changed dramatically after she got married. Family values became the center of her life. Today, she is a mother of two adorable daughters. Elisabeth is 3 and Sofiya is 7 years old. Nonetheless, she doesn’t stop developing professionally and currently, she is continuing her studies at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Inga takes her inspiration from many different things of daily life. Whether it is a place, culture, architecture or a meaningful conversation. Travelling gives her an incredibly positive emotional charge! She spends her leisure time learning foreign languages and doing yoga. She considers herself as a socially active person, participates in charity events, endorses sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs. Universe and its social engagement

The Mrs. Universe Beauty pageant doesn’t only want to present the most beautiful women with families worldwide. This event picks an important social cause each year to focus on. Topics, that might be avoided or even ignored by society. This year’s social topic is: “STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”.

Alongside the beauty contest itself, there will also be an international conference, covering this social topic, and all 85 contestants will hold a lecture about the situation in their home countries.

This part of the contest is especially a significant matter to Inga Malik’s heart. She sees this as a particularly important topic and looks very much forward to it.

Inga Malik about the topic „NO VIOLENCE“

“Dear friends,

Unfortunately, we don’t focus enough on silent violence that occurs behind closed doors: domestic violence. 

Meanwhile, domestic violence rears its ugly head in every country. But I want to emphasize: it is not just about physical abuse! Psychological abuse, mobbing, restricting women’s right to come and go freely, obstructing women’s access to get medical services, autonomy about her body and her thoughts – whatever form it takes, it is domestic violence! 

In my opinion, we should seek official recognition of all forms of domestic violence, recognition from the authorities of all countries and most of all, society itself! 

Looking at the statistics of domestic violence in Austria, we can be surprised that the number of cases of women asking for help is actually growing instead of going down.

Austrian policy to combat domestic violence focuses a lot on providing help to specific groups of women such as immigrant women or members of ethnic minorities, but of course, also Austrian families. Nationwide emergency helpline functions in several languages, including not just English, but also Turkish, Serbian, Arabic, and also social workers with various ethnical and religious backgrounds. There are currently 30 shelters for female victims of violence in the country.

The employees of these shelters are required to go through special training to understand how to help and support female victims, but also their children. The last amendment to the protection act states that perpetrators are restricted to appear near to the schools or kindergartens of their children. 

However, I think, it just really proves my point that domestic violence has always been there! Behind closed doors! And whoever observed often looked the other way!

But in our modern society, there shouldn’t be any space for it! Women’s voices got stronger over the last decades and finally have their full self-determination. Women have access to education and the best conditions in history, to stand up for themselves and say: NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! “


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Fotos: Nesterenko Photo

MakeUp: Katia Bukharieva

Evening dresses: Laskari

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