International Model Orly Sarf

This is the story of Orly Sarf, a Venezuelan model with Israeli roots, who never stop fighting for her dreams. She knew she wanted to become a model, at the early age of 9, when she uses to imitate the poses of the models in her mother’s magazines and pretend to be in a fashion show with her mother’s high heels.

Orly is not just a model, she has a Diploma in Communications Science; she has made plenty of campaigns not just in Venezuela but also International, including Jordache Latinoamerica, and she also moderates a TV show.

Orly made an acting course in Israel giving her the opportunity to act in Habima Theater in Tel Aviv, but her life didn’t stop there she is currently living in Panama, achieving even more international success like never before.

But the life of a model is not always easy, Orly has to fight her to the way the top, she always dreams to be discovered, but the reality is that she had to go from casting to casting till she received the final yes.

Having the opportunity to know Orly, from a really close point of view I can say that her success has come because of her constancy and because she always keeps the truth to herself.

She advises to new upcoming models who want to enter in this business to keep fighting and to really believe in herself, it will always come bad people who will try to put you down, that’s why is always important to hear and follow your heart

One of her dreams is to go back to moderate a TV program, where she has the opportunity to make interviews with international people, models, and designers.

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