Luxury wellbeing brand Rituals Cosmetics launches a new limited edition, M’Gouna. The exclusive collection is a tribute to the Moroccan Valley of Roses and an expression of gratitude for the blossoming of nature’s special beauty in this region. M’Gouna offers an exclusive product selection ranging from body care to home and interior.

This summer, Rituals is all about enriching everyday life with mindfulness and joy. The new Limited Edition is dedicated to a tradition from Morocco – the Festival of Roses. During the three-day festivities in May, the streets of the idyllic oasis town of M’Gouna in the Atlas Mountains are transformed into a fragrant, pink sea of freshly harvested rose blossoms. The custom expresses gratitude for a successful rose harvest and the unique beauty of nature, which enriches daily life with moments of mindfulness and joy.

Rituals Cosmetics launches a new limited edition, M'Gouna

Thanks to the wonderful fragrance of Damascene rose, prickly pear and argan oil, M’Gouna invites you to immerse yourself in the landscape near the Atlas Mountains and explore it with all your senses. The Damascene rose is also reflected in the geometric rose petal design in soft pink.

M’Gouna, a tribute to the Moroccan Valley of Roses

The M’Gouna collection includes a foaming shower foam, a body cream with vitamin E pearls, a rhassoul body mask, a delicate mousse-to-oil, a Moroccan hair oil, an eau de parfum, a kitchen set, a home fragrance, scented sticks and a garden candle.

Rituals Cosmetics launches a new limited edition, M'Gouna
Rituals Cosmetics launches a new limited edition, M'Gouna

The power of rituals

Rituals can be found at every moment of the day they’re expecting to be discovered, to reveal to us the beauty hidden within them. They’re the little moments that we all too simply overlook.
Rituals help us unleash these moments and remind us to enjoy them with joy. Whether we enjoy an extended bath or make a cozy atmosphere with the rich scent of Far Eastern incense, rituals enable us to find happiness in the in the little moments and small things.

The rituals

Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Far Eastern societies, we’ve created a comprehensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for particular care and the home. We hope to enrich your life with our distinctive scents. These have been precisely created by the world’s finest perfumers.

Unique Scents

Scents have the power to lift your mood, induce distant recollections, and compass you with a sense of comfort and well- being. Creating a new scent is akin to creating a work of art for each and every scent we produce, we discover and combine the veritably factors that give it its unique appeal.

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