Fashion Stylist Rakelle Maurici

‪Rakelle Maurici is a fashion stylist, she was born and raised in Buckinghamshire in the UK to Italian parents. She studied fashion styling at Central St Martins in London and in Milan and went on to build a portfolio with Celebrity stylist Carly Brook. She is now living in Italy, building a portfolio over here whilst working as a Menswear and Grooming editor for online publications Menswear Style and Men’s Fashion Magazine.

‪What advice would you give an up and coming fashion stylist?

‪Perseverance. Be prepared to work for free to start with as an assistant to build a portfolio. It’s really about building a name for yourself within the industry; networking is key, but remember it takes years to build  ‪reputation and seconds to destroy it, so be diplomatic and always stay humble. I can’t stress enough how being down to earth gets you further in the fashion world. Having said that, don’t be afraid to express your views and opinions too, show off your creative side, it shows you have ‪initiative. Lastly, know your worth, at the end of the day what you’re offering is a skill, just like a carpenter or a builder.

‪What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?

‪Oh there are loads, I’m so grateful for every opportunity I have been given! But if I had to choose just one; it would be meeting Dolce and Gabbana at ‪their new store opening in 2013. It wasn’t long after my studies so I think ‪this will always stick in my mind as I never thought I would see the day I was within the industry let alone meet fashion royalty so soon in my career.

What challenges do you have as a stylist?

‪Having to prove myself, I chose not to study for a degree so this was a set back for me trying to find work. I truly believed I could offer just as much if not more than someone fresh out of university because I had hands-on experience. However, I’m always super critical of myself and prefer to let my work do the talking instead which didn’t always work in my favor. Once I was done working for free I felt it was time to step up the ladder with the knowledge and experience I had gained as I then had more to offer. Which is where the editorial side came into it for me, online editors are becoming the new wave of stylists. I can simply be on my laptop or mobile anywhere in the world and still be able to offer my skills.

‪What goals do you wish to achieve in the future?

‪I’ve always been interested in reading and buying magazines, I never throw them out. I’m independent and love the freedom working for myself, so being a reputable menswear stylist and editor for my own publication is ultimately what I want. Either that or to own a menswear boutique. I love ‪a challenge so maybe I can do both!

‪How do you choose what looks work for each individual client?

‪Each client is different in so many ways; age, shape, gender, lifestyle. So you really need to establish and understand who the person is before you can think about how to dress them. It’s not always about what looks ‘cool’ ‪they have to feel comfortable.

‪Do the clothing choices you make at work inspire your personal style?

‪Considering I work in Menswear, surprisingly yes! I have an adoration of ‪Italian men’s tailoring and so I love incorporating a sartorial style into my outfits; cigarette pants fitted shirts with brogues and colorful blazers. But don’t get me wrong, I’m girly and love to put dresses on too!

‪How would you describe your personal style?

‪Continental and individual, I don’t follow fashion trends. I love Italian clothing and now living in Italy it’s accessible to me. I’m petite so  ‪like clothes to be fitted and flattering to my figure.

‪What is your favorite item in your closet?

‪I love my jeans, I have accumulated 29 pairs in almost every color but white is probably my favorite. Also, my black patent double monk strap shoes, I can wear them with almost anything I own.

What trends are you loving right now?

‪As I said I’m not a big follower of trends, I believe you don’t need ‪fashion to have a good style but right now I love the white trend, it’s clean and fresh for summer…

‪Which trends to you want to see disappear?

‪The seventies. Not a fan at all, I don’t want to be reminded of those flared jeans I grew up wearing in the nineties!

‪Who is your favorite designer? Why?

‪Armani. Simply for the fact, Giorgio has kept the ‘Made in Italy’ label. His designs are classic but modern and the items are accessible. I like purchasing clothes that I can wear daily not just for a special occasion.

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