Summer Swimwear Collection

Summer is just arriving, and with this in mind, we have to find the perfect swimwear for this special time of the year, and we have the perfect collection for you: Sahara Swimwear from Mariana Camacho.

Inspired by the majesty of the world’s largest desert, Mariana Camacho presents his latest collection SAHARA. The illusion between countries surrounding it makes a unique cultural mix for use as a muse and achieves a sublime collection.


The palette takes us from the fine sands with a Neutral palette of nude, beige, taupe and off white, excellent colors to be combined as they adapt discreetly. We will see more African desert side covered entirely of prints Animal Print and reaching its limits with Morocco using a colorful representative of their markets.

The ombré makes a special gala with exclusive prints for signature pleated sleeves and hems as boat type necklines are characteristic of this collection.

The colorful pieces, and beautiful patters, make this collection a must have of this season, as you can see the cuts, the colors and the mix of texture make of  this collection is really strong and   match perfect for this season.

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