Ugly Sneakers

This season we have the incredible style trend: Ugly sneakers and they do have a controversial form. They are chunky with a big sole that reminds us of the 90s. Movies like Back to the Future are a distinctive recap for this kind of shoes. Not to mention that for a long time this type of shoes was just worn by men.

They are huge, unflattering, and grubby, and now all the fashionistas are wearing them, and they are right up-to-date. Brands like Nike, Addidas or even Balenciaga discovered the trend, and now we have the ugly sneakers in all possible colors.

Trend Report: The Ugly Sneakers
Trend Report: The Ugly Sneakers

How to style them

The way to style them, well that’s up to you! But, to break the style you can combine them with a flounce dress or with a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater.

But, what makes this shoe so ugly? Well, I guess is because they are big, and chunky, and more important because they have a big sole. I personally have to get used to them… Maybe because I am very small, and I fear that I will look even smaller with a big pair of sneakers; however, I believe the key, how you combine them, and which size you use for your own proportions.

Another trend of 2020 is to be unique, and therefore comfortable. Wearing comfortable clothes has a big momentum back in 2014 when wearing leggings and sneakers became everyday fashion. Thanks to Designers like Kaney West with his Yeezys line with shapewear and sneakers, the trend has spread, till what we have today: The Ugly, Dad sneakers.

Don’t take me wrong, I love to wear comfortable clothes and more importantly comfortable shoes, but that doesn’t mean fashion doesn’t have to be beautiful. I think the key is to find the right balance with your outfit and your shape.

Although I am not a big fan of the triple S sneakers of Balenciaga, because I find them too big for me and for my taste, doesn’t mean I cannot find the right size and embrace the comfort of this new trend.

That being said, please embrace what it makes you unique and beautiful.

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1.-Photo: Wendel Moretti

2.- Photo: Melody Jacobs

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