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Nathaly Zamora is the founder of Zamora Group, a Public Relations agency based in Miami.

Nathaly Zamora is a young Venezuelan who came to the United States 11 years ago, recently graduated from social communication at the Santa María University (Caracas / Venezuela) and decides to risk starting from scratch in the city of Miami, Florida.

As every start, it was not easy to adapt to his new reality of life, where she put aside the comforts of working in an office with a regular schedule to get used to working from Monday to Monday (regular hours), all day on her feet, no right to vacations, days off or just a day off because the need to achieve the goal of opening her public relations agency was a priority in the face of physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion.

She had countless jobs and stumbles, but although depression and loneliness often attacked, she was never afraid of the job, she was afraid to return without having succeeded.

After many bumps and negative comments telling her that it was almost impossible for her to achieve success (because she was new to the advertising industry and no one knew her), she managed to knock on doors and make herself known to her colleagues in the industry… Earning the respect and affection of the advertisers, clients, and the media.

This is how she founded her public relations agency Zamora Group (@zamoragroup) a company that is dedicated to developing and making its clients known in different industries such as fashion, beauty, medical, music, entertainment, etc.

We talked to Nathaly about her career, how she started and where is she heading to.

Tell us about the challenges to start your own agency in a New Country

One of my biggest challenges was getting to know people in the industry in a new location and gaining their trust and respect 

Which advice would you give to someone who wants to open their own Public Relations agency?

I’d advise them to believe in themselves and focus on your goal. Always believing that everything is possible. 

How do you see the fashion world in times of Covid-19?

Well, like all industries in the world, the fashion industry is reinventing itself just like all of us. 

Tell us about your experience In New York and Miami Fashion Week

It has been one of the biggest challenges both personally and professionally because I’ve had to deal with the stress and pressure from the designer all while giving 100% of my craft. At the moment the show starts is the publicist’s biggest task as without us the show doesn’t start. 

Public Relation Specialist
Public Relation Specialist

How are you re-inventing yourself in these hard times?

Honestly, the only real difference has been keeping everything digital (Press Junkets, Interviews, and Releases) because the effort you have to put into it I’d say is 3 times as much. 

With whom would you like to work 

In the fashion industry, I’d say Chanel or Christian Dior. In reference to other industries as my agency is open to all industries, I’m passionate to work with clients that let me work my creative side and allow me to take the top. 

Tell us about your work with influencers

Working with influencers is one of the things I like the most as I get to develop and exhibit in the media the image of the influencers. 

Which characteristics an influencer should have nowadays?

Influencers must be spontaneous and real in their content and must have the ability to create a strong engagement between their image and their audience. 

Do you have plans to expand your agency outside of the United States?

Realistically my agency although being based in the US we work with clients and media in Latin America.

Do’s and the Don’ts in Public Relations

-The Do’s: You should ALWAYS be very clear at the target focus for each client, the message the client is spreading must be real and convincing without forgetting to be different to be able to attract the attention of the audience and media. Always explain the process clearly to the client to let them know what to expect. 


-The Don’ts: When a client asks you for something, your first answer must never be negative. You should weigh out your options first to try to meet the client’s needs. Don’t allow the client’s insecurities affect your work. Never sell something you yourself haven’t tried, don’t trust, or don’t like.

Which criteria should a person have to choose a Public Relation Agency

A client should have a clear perspective of where they want to take their brand and what they want to prove and show through their image hand in hand with the publicist. 

Why are you the best? 

I think it is very important to be honest with the client, connect them with the correct people for their industry, and explain to them why that curtain strategy is being used with them. Personally, the best way to take a client to the top is to be transparent about the opportunities they have, never lie or mislead them, and don’t ever sell an unattainable dream. 

To know more about Nathaly and Zamoragroup, please visit: Zamora Group


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