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For a couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to meet with Manuel and Martin, the mastermind behind Verdandy Fashion. Verdandy Fashion is a new minimalistic Austrian brand with the motto: “for that good-looking feeling”.

Of course, we could not lose this fortune, to ask then about the brand and discover what makes Verdandy Fashion so special.

”All styles in the Verdandys series permit movement previously known only to sweatpants and joggers, yet providing crisp and clean jeans look.


The secret lies in a new weaving technique that allows Verdandys pleasant flexibility that promotes activity and comfort without stretching or sagging.


Our new knitted denim (also known as Jersey-Denim), uses a 90% cotton blend and gives all Verdandy a soft, natural feel with the look of traditional denim”

Verdandy Fashion

Tell us about Verdandy Fashion

We combine a simple minimalistic style with the comfort that makes you feel good in every situation which explains our motto: “for that good-looking feeling”. Additionally, Verdandy incorporates innovation whether it is the process of how the fabric was made like our jersey denim or the fabric itself. So we are breaking it down to the essence of fashion: comfortable materials mixed with a modern and minimalistic design.

How the idea of Verdandy Fashion started?

We have been modeling internationally for several years. Through that time we gained a lot of experience in front and behind the curtain and fashion is also where both of our interests meet. We always wanted to create and to become independent, so we ended up brainstorming and talking after-works on many long nights. Now we are already planning our debut for the Vienna Fashion week, which is really awesome, but hard work finally pays off!

Why the name Verdandy? What is the meaning?

There is a very nice story about it: It origins from the name of the Norse goddess Verðandi. She weaves the thread of destiny of every human being and stands for creativity, embracing each moment and bringing the best out of it and yourself. Because nowadays we are not aware anymore of the present and tend to live in tomorrow or the past, but it is the present where you create and bring something to life. We are using each moment to design and produce high-quality fashion with comfort and style.

What is the goal of Verdandy Fashion?

We think more in the way of “the journey is the reward”. We do not want to start a revolution but we want to show that fashion does not mean either only style or only comfort. Because everyone knows the feeling when normal jeans are constricting and tweaking. Verdandy is just bringing comfort back into the game. It is important for us to mix those basic properties and create fashion for everyday use.

What defines Verdandy Fashion?

Three is a very symbolic number for Verdandy. Like the triangle of our logo, the divine triad of the Norns where Verðandi comes from, and the three main properties that define us:

Innovative materials in regards to grant the biggest comfort, minimalistic design with hidden details and the specific Verdandy look visualized through our contrasting color concept.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve your own brand.

Although we work longer, harder and the uncertainty of how the future will look like, we are more fulfilled with the work we are doing right now. It is truly our thing and we identify 100% with our work.

What was the inspiration for your last collection?

There was not a single inspiration like you wake up in the morning and you know how everything has to look like. It was more a process: when we look back to where we started and where we are now, we are realizing the amazing development Verdandy made through various ups and downs.

The current collection is a composition of both of our ideas and creative inputs. Our goal was to make fashionable Jeans with a unique look and feel: super comfortable for all kinds of situations, but at the same time provide a characteristic Verdandy style.

To know more about the brand please visit: Verdandy Fashion



Photography: Kosmas Pavlos

Models: Michael Urban/Wiener Models,

Mario Loncarski / Wiener Models

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