David Bowie a celebration of British musical talent

Genius, artist, fashion innovator extraordinaire, inspirational are but a few of the words one could use to describe Brixton born pop idol David Bowie.

Mr.Bowie was certainly a rule breaker and pushed many boundaries in the eyes of a conservative Britain in the early seventies.  He questioned many subjects ahead of his time and his gender was always questionable in an intriguing manner. It was mainly his interpretation through mime and the flamboyantly outrageous costumes that created such a dazzling allure on stage. Although he said the outfits & makeup were a way of masking his weakness to be able to sing, I think how wrong a statement that is: his deep husky masculine voice was a wonderful contrast to his androgynous image.

The mood of London, New York, LA, Berlin and in fact all corners of the world is of sadness. But it shouldn’t be. It should be a celebration of a great artist who helped break the shackles of individuals who lived repressed lives and who gave rays of light and hope.

His music will always be an important legacy in British Pop culture.

May his sounds continue the everlasting road of enjoyment and inspiration


Louis Mariette


The image wall mural is by Australian street artist who goes by the name Jimmy C. This particular Bowie image was inspired by the album cover of the Thin White Duke’s 1973 record Aladdin Sane. The technique is exceptionally well executed using “aerosol pointillism”

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