British Calendar

I couldn’t ask for a more colorful way to start the most exciting event on the British calendar then a front cover feature on one of the leading papers, The Telegraph.

Every year my dear friend, Animal welfare campaigner and TV presenter Anneka-Tanka-Svenska always twist my arm to create a chapeau breaking all the rules of creativity and imagination.

However this year her theme behind the design was a somber message that highlights a serious issue behind the glamorous event. Sadly many horses get killed, injured on some of the racecourses throughout the Uk.

The idea is really through beauty to appeal to the public, government and those in the industry to improve standards. Far from wanting to step on anyone’s toes and upset people who rely on this industry, the aim is to get them on board and support changes to improve animal welfare. No one has anything to lose and anyone who is a true animal lover would welcome such changes. The link below has more about Anneka’s appeal.


On the day we had to orchestrate a military operation transporting the mass of heavy roses to Ascot and attempt a hair, the hat being mounted onto Anneka to make her entrance. But with a tiny glitch…The British rain downpour!!!

Out of the back of a car, two umbrellas and a tree were our only protection. The creative genius talents of the darling Emily Cooke and Lorrie Purdy of Louvere hair salon in Rickmansworth manage to save the day by imaginatively creating double hair stack doughnut’s with plat weaves kept dry, rock sturdy to support the floral structure.

With a split in the clouds, a ray of sunburst out just in time for Anneka to maneuver the mass construction through the crowds and photographers and what seemed effortless strike a poise on a perfectly manicured Ascot lawn!


Back at HQ, I had the gorgeous delights of Lilly Becker, wife of global German tennis star Boris Becker. Following her exciting lifestyle and attendance to Royal Ascot were the celebrity German TV film crew RTL N-TV.  Her fabulous partner in crime accompanying her was the outrageously flamboyant eccentric German businessman  Jens Hilbert. Like chalk and cheese, they oddly complement each other. I dare say he will be quite a talking point on Ladies Day as I had a sneak peek of his outfit…all white and of course finished off with a white topper with a green pheasant feather, plume, topaz crystal embellishment.


Having the gorgeous company of Rock photographer Gemma Reynolds and the attractive enigmatic Dominique Walker of Nu Skin making quite an entrance into the plush grounds in a screaming loud bright yellow beetle set the tone.

Nestled snuggly parked next to a state of the art Range Rover complete with rear screen TV monitors, supple white leather, a passenger foot plinth automatically triggered by the driver set my luxury juices flowing and yours truly couldn’t resist an invitation to sit inside. Plush and too perfection, this is a vehicle with impeccable style.

Arriving at the clubhouse, the impeccably attired red band blasted away to the delights of the crowds, Bond theme tunes reverberating over the Polo pitch as we all quaffed champers Pimms.  It was a day of catch-up and what better company bumping into Brendan, owner of O’Sullivan hair and beauty.

There was a surreal moment as I chatted away to a cheeky charming gentleman with a gorgeous Dalmatian when a Range Rover pulled up. The driver, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh jumped out and his passenger his wonderful wife, Queen Elizabeth II  !!!!

The day had to end but full of cherished memorable laughs.



Video: Rtl

Photos: telegraph, Gem Rey

Louvere Hairsalon; Emily Cooke, Lorrie Purdy

Brendan hair and beauty

Anneka Svenka

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