40 Years of The Prince’s Trust

Youth charity The Prince’s Trust is celebrating a staggering 40 years of supporting and inspiring unemployed young people to gain the skills and confidence they need to find work.

To date, The Trust has changed over 825,000 young lives. Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 1976, The Trust relies on an enthusiastic workforce and the support of thousands of volunteers to carry out their work. Over 40 years The Trust has been developing and refining its programs to give young people the tools and, more importantly, the self-belief they need to reach their potential.

Thanks to the support of their partners and donors, The Trust has delivered a range of innovative projects and uses inspiring themes to engage young people including fashion, sport, and music.

Some of the young people on Prince’s Trust programs have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Thanks to services provided by The Trust, from mentoring to career advice, they have been able to conquer those challenges.

Congratulations to The Trust on the last 40 years, and the future that lies ahead.

To know more about this hard work, please visit Prince’s Trust


Louis Mariette

Milliner Louis Mariette is the epitome of perfection and elegance. Louis was co-host of the BBC’s coverage of Royal Ascot. His passion and eye for detail make him a successful milliner. But Louis is more than just a milliner; he is a wonderful person, with a big heart, always working for a noble cause and all this with his feet placed firmly on the ground.
Louis Mariette

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