Futuristic Design

Solovyovdesign is a brand from Belarus, dedicated to industrial design. Igor and Maria have a genius concept at the moment when they create and design new gadgets. Under their creation, we can find minimalist furniture with an impeccable design, which is simultaneously beautiful and useful with a futuristic touch.

We had the opportunity to talk with them and discover more about the Solovyovdesign, and how is the creative process of Igor and Maria.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

We are – Maria and Igor Solovyov – industrial designers, based in Minsk, Belarus. We do product design. At Solovyovdesign, our purpose is to create useful, emotional and beautiful objects with the finest craftsmanship. We value collaboration, and we are interested in working with manufacturers worldwide.

How the idea of Solovyovdesign start?

It was just the prolongation of what we have been doing. We always thought about something like this. In the beginning, it was portfolio-site with our ideas and concepts. Over time, it became more serious with the reflection of our creative life and realized projects. Now you may see not only just works but press awards, and events section as well (with exhibitions, interviews, lectures, and other info).

How would you describe your style?

I would say it is less about the style or shape and more about the feeling. We are trying to do emotional things. We are eager for our objects to have a response in the soul of people. This is our goal. That’s why we may do biomorphic or minimalistic or any other shape in our projects. It depends not on the trends, but on the essence of the object.

Where did you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. Life is the best inspiration). When you are thinking about any project, you may be inspired by anything: falling leaves in the window or unusual shadow of any object or music or anything else. It depends on your mood.

Describe your creative process?

The first is the analysis. We are trying to understand “what are we do” as designers in the task. Will we be able to do a project with added value, achieve the effect we want? If yes, we move forward and find the idea. And this is the hardest part of the process. Because when the idea is found, the rest is technique.

Which was your first design?

It is hard to say, because we did lots of good projects while studying at university, including diploma’s work, but the first success realized the project was “Kuvshin” cosmetic packaging. The company I designed it for, got the gold medal at Rosupack Fair 2004 and produced its millions of items during the years.

Which materials do you use?

We like to work with different materials because every material has its unique properties and allows achieve different qualities of the objects. And this is very inspiring. But in the present day, we are most experienced in plastics.

What is your Masterpiece?

I think every creative man likes all of his work. So do we. And we are trying to do the newest project better for all our previous projects. It happens that people meet your job with different reactions. One of the latest works that have a fantastic result is the “Insight” light project. We are trying to produce it, but it is a hard process.

The other high evaluated project is the “Swirl” lamp.

In which project are you working right now?

We have just finished our “Bionic” armchair project. Now it is on show at the Postoolat exhibition, and I hoped you would be able to see it soon as well). As I said, it is our latest work, and I hope it will be received well.

Which is your next big project?

We do not divide projects on big and small. And we got the same approach to paper pin or furniture set.


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