How Macaroom Idea start

The idea started when she was on vacation in France at the côte d’Azur. She says that there are many, many lovely macaroons shops – a thing she hadn’t seen before because you wouldn’t find shops like this in Vienna. At that time, my mother was still working as a graphic designer, but it had always been her dream to establish her designer label where she could realize her ideas and let her creativity flow. She decided that macaroons would be perfect for her:

– First, because there aren’t many places in Vienna, where you can buy high-quality macaroons

– Second, because macaroons are such cute and stylish, colorful delicacies.

What makes you so special?

My macarons are special because they are handmade with high-quality ingredients and natural food dyes – and a lot of love and perfection. As a designer, my mother has very high standards for everything she does. The interior of her manufactory, the colors, decorations and recipes of the macaroons, the packaging, the photo shootings… Everything is carefully planned and designed. She puts a lot of time and effort into her shop ” macaroon” and is constantly working on new ideas and recipes!

Where we can find your Macarooms?

Macroom’s  macarons can be bought at various markets and events – the locations are always announced on the Facebook Fanpage. Aside from that, you can always order in advance! Starting from September 20th, you can buy the macaroons directly every Saturday at her manufactory in the Keilgasse 7, 1030 Vienna.

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