Overcoming Apprehension in Online Dating

It can be intimidating to open up to strangers, and the idea of putting yourself out there for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Dating may be extremely difficult for those who suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues; as a result, some anxious people choose to completely avoid the dating scene.

Users of dating apps experience three times as much stress as non-users. If a person uses dating apps more frequently (daily, for example) and for a longer period of time, this number rises. Here are some suggestions for overcoming online dating anxiety and putting yourself out there, whether you’re dealing with a mental issue or attempting online dating for the first time.

Expose yourself instead of retracting from online dating

When dealing with feelings of anxiety, our body responds depending on our experience, mental mindset, and feelings. If online dating makes you anxious, then it might be best to try and expose yourself to your fear. When we expose ourselves to our fears we take control of our lives instead of giving in to our feelings.

Start by choosing an online dating platform that suits your preferences. For instance, you can post personal ads on a dating website or app in order to find a match. You may still be anxious when you find a potential partner online, but try your best not to fall for these feelings. Your fear of dating will be gone in no time when you realize that on the other side of the chat is a person with fears and anxieties too.

Identify the signs and symptoms of anxiety

It’s critical to understand the signs of anxiety, whether you feel anxious every time you open a dating app or just before you go on a date. Understanding the signs of anxiety is the first step toward figuring out your triggers and managing your condition. Everyone experiences anxiety differently, so the next time when you start feeling stressed when dating online, pay attention to your anxiety symptoms in order to deal with them better.

Use uplifting self-talk

When we overthink, it can be simple to persuade ourselves that social interactions won’t go well. This is referred to as projection, and it reflects how we view ourselves, not necessarily how others view us.

Practice positive self-talk, whether it entails evaluating your goals, complimenting yourself, or using positive affirmations, when you catch yourself having negative thoughts or telling yourself that a new relationship won’t work out. Talking to yourself like you would to a friend can make you feel less stressed, more confident, and less likely to think negatively.

Don’t assume anything

It takes time and experience to get to know and open up to someone new. Not everyone lies, but those who use dating websites and apps often tend to portray themselves differently than they actually are. Online conversations, texting, socially isolated walks, video chats, and going on dates all change behavior in the setting.

This, not our character, is who we are. The genuine getting to know someone doesn’t begin until you meet them in person, and even then, it takes time to determine their intentions and character. Nevertheless, if you pay attention in the beginning, you can spot red flags right away.

Decide what you want

Decide what your goal is when going on dating sites. Do you seek casual encounters or you’re looking for something potentially serious? Your actions and the result are determined by your intentions, including unconscious and conflicting ones. Relationships can involve intimacy, but prioritizing it puts you in a very different mindset. There are things you simply won’t notice and questions you won’t ask because you aren’t seeking them.

Make it known what you’re looking for when online dating since that way you can find people that seek the same as you and land on the same page. This will also relieve some anxiety since you won’t have to explain yourself to someone that may be looking for something else than what you want.


It’s simple to put your health on the back burner if you’re feeling anxious before a date. However, when your body and mind are in good shape, it is simpler to deal with pressure and difficult circumstances. You can manage your anxiety symptoms by incorporating healthy lifestyle choices into your everyday routine.

Online dating is a great way to socialize and find potential partners, but in some cases it causes anxiety. When this happens it’s important to stay put, keep track of your feelings and keep fighting your fears. It will all come to a place in the end if you stay connected to your body and mind and expose yourself to your fears.

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