Holiday Greece – Crete

Oh, beautiful Greece… We can’t get enough from Crete, although we are back in Vienna, we would like to stay on this beautiful island a bit longer. Crete is a beautiful island with a lot of ancient places to discover, amazing people and of course extraordinary food.

Crete is the largest and the most populous of the Greek islands, and it was once the center of the Minoan Civilization, which is currently the earliest recorded civilization in Europe, not only was the Minoan civilization flourished in the bronze age on the Mediterranean, but also the Minoans made a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization as it is known today.

Minoan settlements, tombs and burial grounds have been discovered all over Crete yet the four important royal residence locales (altogether of size) were at Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, and Zakros.

In the past, we had the opportunity to be in Zakros, and it was remarkable, although this time we were close to Heraklion the capital, it was too hot to visit Knossos, and maybe this would be the perfect excuse to come back…

Nevertheless, this was the second time in Greece, not to mention we can never get enough from this beautiful island, and we are planning to come back again.

For me, Greece is like to come back to my country the cultural similarities are amazing, and for me is just refreshing to be in place with so many warm people, with great food, and just laid down on the beach have a great view and no phones.

We live today in a time that our phones are part of our lives 24/7, and to have the possibility to disconnect completely and leave the phone on the side and just be present in the moment in such a beautiful and historical environment is just priceless.

This time, we were on the Westside on the island and give us the opportunity to visit also the South, where I must say were the most beautiful beaches at least for us.

Although the time was not enough to see all that we wanted to see, we really enjoy our trip, and we make amazing memories there!

Stay tuned, to discover the secret places we visit!

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