Shabby Chic Deco Inspiration

Shabby Chic actually exists for a long time, but it developed more and more in in the last few years. It is a mix of old bargains of the flea market; heirlooms you can’t say goodbye to and fancy new pieces. Actual, it’s exactly about the combination – old, new, and a little bit crazy.

Beautiful, classy, and maybe precious accessories give that style its lovely and sweet character. Very important for typical „Shabby Chic is its elegance and feminine note.

Especially characteristic for „Shabby Chic is natural or maybe fake caused signs of usage, like peeled color or raw wood.

Especially tender and dull colors (for example rosé, turquoise, and yellow) combined with shimmering accessories are typical for the beautiful „Shabby Chic world. „Shabby Chic is all about the attention to detail and the beauty of the imperfectly.

The Look

Furthermore, we can say that „Shabby Chic is a subordination of the classic Vintage Look.

Both of these looks are based on furniture and accessories in used-look. The essential difference between these styles is that Vintage Style is not that romantic and feminine as „Shabby Chic.

What is the perfect decoration for the colors and materials of Shabby Chic?

Dazzling accessories and decoration elements refine the restrained pastel colors and nuances.

Pillows and blankets that are equipped with sequins, silver-colored bowls, vases, and candlesticks, as well as shimmering, old chandeliers, are wonderful pieces with which one can complete the shabby look.

However, the elements do not always have to be a perfect arrangement – the lovingly selected accessories are put together; however, you like and draped as it pleases.

Shabby Chic is a harmonious setting, as well as all possible living accessories, from pillows, curtains, mirrors, and ceramics to lamps, and wallpapers.

Do you dream of a romantic, enchanted garden? Then garnish it with Shabby chic elements such as a garden chair or vintage accessories. Wooden elements with a rough, chipped surface or garden accessories made of rusty metal give the garden the right shabby looks!

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