Acáo Natural Energy Drink

Acáo is a 100% natural combination of a fruity with a refreshing touch, and what I found the best is that it has the same effect of a cup of coffee. I had the opportunity to try Acáo and to include it in my daily routine, and let me tell you I love it.

For starters, I have always been a fan of guarana, which is one the key ingredients of Acáo, in fact, the first thing I did when I moved to Vienna was to look where I could buy Guarana; unfortunately, then (10 years ago) I couldn’t find it.

When I finally stumble upon Acao, all my prayers where answer. Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazonas, and with the seed of this fruit, you can brew a drink.

Although many people drink Guarana in South America, the seed is still used as medicine. Guarana is used to enhance athletic performance, weight loss, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue, so you can found guarana in many weight loss products.

Guarana contains caffeine, and the caffeine works stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscle. As fan number one of coffee, and let’s be honest I drink a lot of coffee, to have the opportunity to get my push from a refreshing drink was even better, especially in summer.

When I am at the university, and I had the possibility to drink a cold refreshing and natural drink, is amazing. I have a pretty stressful routine, where I have to divide myself between the university, work, the gym, and home, and if I can relay in a drink to accomplish my entire to-do list, would be definitely this one.

The slightly fruity taste of quince, seaberry, and lemon is not too sweet. They are also exclusively bio-certified and of high quality. Acáo is also vegan and gluten-free, but the best is that it just has 18 kcal per 100 ml, which makes it perfect for diet.

An Acáo is so versatile, that you can even make cocktails with it, but to be honest, I prefer it with a slide of lime and a few sleeves of peppermint, a couple of ice cubes and I am ready to continue working.

Because the bottle is slim, I always carry one with me; in the case, I need some refreshment on my way to the gym, or at the university where I need all my energy and concentration.

You can find Acáo exclusively in Spar Austria or through the Lieferei website

Friendly collaboration with Die Lieferei

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