What Do Fashion Bloggers Eat In A Day?

The life of a fashion blogger is something that inspires many when they see it on camera. Rightly said that the life of a fashion blogger is all about continuous traveling, hustling, going to events, accomplishing campaigns, and sleeping at odd hours as and when their schedule allows. Many bloggers have turned into full-time fashion influencers and earned their living through it. But that’s even tougher! The life you see on the camera isn’t how they live; the truth is something else.

No two days are the same in their lives as they have different schedules and events where they need to be present. So what do they eat to get high energy to survive through a long day? Healthy food! They pull through the day on foods that have good stamina to offer. These days many influences are using CBD from brands like Sunday Scaries in their daily life for an extra boost of energy. And if you are wondering ‘What are Sunday Scaries,’ you can quickly look up their website to learn more.  This blog will take you through a day in the life of a fashion blogger.

A Normal Day In Fashion Blogger’s Lifestyle

There is a great misconception about what a fashion blogger is and how hectic their lives are. They indeed receive PR packages that have incredible stuff, and they attend lots of events with pretty dresses on but behind the scenes is just more than taking pictures and posting them on social media. An influencer has to work a lot more with dedication, needs skills, and has to be self-disciplined. And when you follow all this, the results will surely be worth the hustle. Many fashion bloggers also have a full-time career which they maintain altogether. It might get hectic for them, and they still have to work hard.

In the struggle to manage both together, they skip meals or eat foods that are quicker to cook and even consume. Here’s what a day in a fashion blogger’s life looks like:

  • Starting the day

Rising before time is one of the ways that a fashion blogger manages to get everything done on time. First, they need to get up by 7 AM and, instead of sipping a cup of coffee in bed, ought to move around and meditate or perform a workout. Later comes the time of a skincare routine that might need much time. Then after getting ready, either they need to commute to their workplace or set out for a photo shoot for the brand.

  • Spending the day

The work time usually remains 8-5 if it’s corporate and may vary upon what you do. Some people are full-time fashion influencers too. Hence comes the time to manage work where they don’t even have time to eat and prefer some lightweight and quick yet nutritional food items.

Five foods that fashion bloggers eat in a day

Here are five foods that fashion bloggers eat in a day-

1.- Oatmeal for breakfast

Fashion bloggers need to look and stay fit to influence people that follow them. Hence, what could be a better breakfast than low-calorie and high protein oatmeal. Most fashion bloggers generally start their day with a bowl of oatmeal with almonds. Oats might help you regulate digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients to maintain weight. Having oatmeal in the morning keeps them satisfied for a long time to avoid any cravings for snacks before mealtime. Oatmeal can help have ample protein to solve their worries about fitness.

What Do Fashion Bloggers Eat In A Day

2.- Sandwiches For Lunch

As mentioned earlier, fashion bloggers’ lives are hectic, and they don’t even have time to eat in a day. Hence they prefer food items that are quicker to make and eat. And sandwiches are an ideal choice for them. You can easily place veggies between bread and have them in your hand while on the move. Many influencers have reported that they have a low-fat turkey sandwich, fruit, and a glass of skim milk. Sandwiches can provide energy to keep them active throughout the day without excessive weight gain.

3.- CBD-Based Food

Fashion bloggers are always searching for any food item that isn’t only low-calorie but also has plenty of other benefits. One such herb that they can add to their daily diet might be CBD. It is a natural compound that is present in the Cannabis Sativa plant and has recently gained the attention of many. It is a hemp-driven compound that might have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antipsychotic impacts. Innumerable fashion bloggers have already added CBD-based products to their diet and skincare as they might benefit overall health.

A fashion blogger might prefer to consume CBD in any form regularly. The stress that a blogger faces daily leads to health issues, and when they add cannabidiol to their routine, they might find a reduction in their stress levels. Additionally, CBD might promote weight loss while ensuring to help one deal with other ailments in the body. Hence, as a fashion blogger, you might find it helpful to go for CBD gummies, oils, or tinctures as a daily supplement.

4.- A Bar Or Banana Cake For An Afternoon Snack

The entire evening of fashion bloggers is usually busy shooting. Hence they don’t get ample time to sit back and have snacks. Many influencers have some banana-flavored cake or eat an energy bar as their evening snack. It would keep them going and provide them with the energy to survive till night.

5.- Quinoa For Dinner

While they return home tired, it’s tough to stand for long hours in the kitchen and prepare low-calorie and fat dinners. Hence many people prefer to prepare quinoa for dinner, which is satiating and an excellent choice for maintaining weight. Quinoa is additionally high in fiber and can make you feel full when you have eaten just a small portion of it. Also, quinoa is a storehouse of all the essential nutrients and vitamins needed by the human body.


Fashion blogging is an exceptional career that can take you to the heights of the sky, but the hustle behind it is more challenging than you imagine. It’s not all about styling new outfits but also about maintaining a constant weight, taking care of your skin, and at the same time, managing to stay healthy despite the hectic schedule. It is why they prefer some food items similar to those mentioned above

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