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Eric Claussen is a fashion model from New York. Eric is now a successful model who turns his life around 5 years ago; by posting photos of his transformation in Facebook and Instagram and a photographer contact him to make a photo shooting with him, the pictures were a success and his career started. Although his life was not easy, today Eric has made a career in the world of fashion, and he has been on the covers of International Magazines inspiring many with his amazing story.

Where were you born and what was your pre-model life like?

I was born in Huntington, New York. Pre-model I was a functioning alcoholic/drug addict.

How have you been discovered?

I was discovered on Facebook and Instagram. After posting my transformation photos from my big turnaround I sparked a lot of interest. I switched my negative addictions of drinking and doing drugs with positive addictions of working out and personal development. I lost 50 pounds and got in the best shape of my life. I haven’t looked back.

When did you decide to become a model?

When I was younger I wanted to model because my mother modelled, but I got caught up in the party life, and drinking became my everyday life.

What has been one of your favorite career experiences so far?

Helping others. So many people look up to me and ask for help. It brings me so much joy to be of guidance to people and help them improve the quality of their lives.

Did you have an interest in modeling or fashion before starting as a model?

Yes, I took a liking to model as a youngster after looking at my mothers modeling photos.

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the business?

You have to want it. It’s tough. You go through long periods with no pay. And then, boom you get booked.  You absolutely must be patient, persistent and positive no matter what.

You have become successful for many reasons what do you think the top few are?

I realized I was successful when I was completely broke, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and living in my sister’s basement because of the vision I had for my life to be. I never stopped working on myself knowing in my heart of hearts that I would make it.

What is the ultimate goal of your career?

Giving back. I’m going to start The Claussen Foundation and help others who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions as well as mental illness such as bipolar disorder which I was diagnosed with.

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