British Model Alexa Waters

For today´s interview, we had the opportunity to talk to Alexa Waters a British model. She now works for Oxygen Model Management in London. She has worked for Hollister Co, Gilly Hick, and Abercrombie & Fish between others, although she successful for many reasons, we wanted to know how she got to the top, to inspire you guys through her story.

Where were you born and what was your pre-model life like?

I was born in Chelsea, London and lived there until I was 18. Pre-model life was about being a kid! Discovering boys, food, films, fashion, etc..

How have you been discovered?

I was discovered when I was 14, on holiday in Spain with family.

When did you decide to become a model?

When I was 11 and saw a photo of Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue.

What has been one of your favorite career experiences so far?

Traveling to Turkey to do a magazine cover and 10-page insert. The shoes were GORGEOUS and they had the best lunches on set.

Did you have an interest in modeling or fashion before starting as a model?

I did, I was a very adventurous kid.. experimenting with makeup and taking photos. I saw fashion/modeling as art and was intrigued by the possibility of becoming a human part of an artwork.

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the business?

The ‘judges’ at casting are human just the same as you are…They make mistakes and they aren’t Gods.. so don’t worry and don’t take it personally If you don’t get picked for a job.

You have become successful for many reasons what do you think the top few are?

Hmm, I reckon to learn the angles of my face and body, being able to take on the personas needed for the shoot concept and being able to deal with difficult people by being kind and receptive.

What is the ultimate goal of your career?

I would love to work with some of the top artists in the field, and create stunning pieces of art! However, I ultimately want to transition into acting. I am actually in the process of developing my showreel to send off to agents.

To know more about Alexa Waters please visit: Model Management

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