Fashion Model Sarah Baumgartner

Today we bring you guys, and nice interview we did to the model Sarah Baumgartner, she lives in Salzburg and we had the opportunity to meet her back in December. She starts her career as a model 5 years ago and so far she has made beautiful pictures that we are going to show you today!

Where were you born and what was your pre-model life like?

I am pretty sure my life didn’t change too much. What definitely changed is that I started to surround myself with more creative people, people in the fashion and art industry. As a model you always have to stand up for yourself, there will always be people, who will try to bring you down or talk badly about you, but as long as you are happy and confident with what you do, you will not spend too much energy on that kind of negativity.

How have you been discovered?

I have never been “discovered”. The first time I stood in front of the camera was nearly 5 years ago. I will always remember that day. It was actually just a Best Friend shoot with my friend Melanie and the photographer was Richard Schnabler. Out of all the pictures he took, we could only pick a few because my eyes couldn’t hold any focus, I didn’t know how to pose and so on. After that shooting, he introduced me to a model and photographer group in Salzburg and that’s where it all began.

When did you decide to become a model?

As I said, I never decided to become a model, it just came into my life quite spontaneously and I had fun doing it. So I kept working on it, built my community up and tried to get better all the time.

What has been one of your favorite career experiences so far?

I just love to work with the friends I made in that community and to express myself in a piece of art. It is hard for me to talk about career experiences because I am only 1,70, which means that most of the time I am just too small and with 61 Kilos I am either too heavy or too thin for most modeling jobs. Having an average weight makes it hard to find jobs, but that doesn’t apply to do creative projects with friends! And as it was always just a hobby of mine, that’s ok for me. But of course, I would like to do it on an even more professional level and even though I know I worked on my posting and face expressions and many photographers told me I could cope with other “business models”, it’s hard to find an agency.

Did you have an interest in modeling or fashion before starting as a model?

I was interested in creative work and even more in fashion, but modeling gave me a different view on it. It showed me how much work goes into one single picture, what it takes to make the world think that it is perfect and how the pictures on the media influence human society. Studying sociology and taking courses about fashion and similar topics at University (especially courses held by Cornelia Hahn) gave me a different point of view on fashion. This all combined with my latest project “NakOuture” finally made me realize that fashion is a big part of my life.

If you want to know more about Sarah please visit her Blog or her  Facebook Page

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