Street Style Mirna Smoljan

Today we bring you guys the street style of Mirna, she is a Croatian girl, living in Vienna and currently studying Economics at the University of Vienna. Life and adventure lovers wishing to be a successful businesswoman and a mommy one day.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is mostly boho chic with a rocker chick edge. But some days I am also all in for some well-tailored classic look depending on my mood.

What is your must-have item?

My must-have piece would be a pair of mid- or high-rise jeans with skinny legs paired with a white shirt. That pair is so simple yet allows you to rock it on different occasions from ordinary day at university to a night at the bar with adding some accessories.

Where you buy normally your clothes?

I don’t have my favorite shop but I do like online shopping more than just going to a shop. I mostly shop at Asos, River Island, and Top Shop. They have great pieces. I also like Zara this season because their new collection is mostly black and no matter what anyone says, black is the new black.

What is a NO-Go for you?

If you had asked me this question three years ago, I would have definitely told you UGG boots! But now I can’t think about the item I would never wear. When it comes to fashion, I like to take interesting risks. It is all about the good pairing. What other people see as ugly, I can usually pair very well (And they ask me later where I bought that piece. It’s the one you said it’s ugly, don’t you remember)

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

I love my black biker leather jacket I am wearing in this post. Everyone needs a go-to leather jacket, it’s timeless. It gives you a little edginess and goes perfectly with oversized jumpers and even long dresses.

You are most comfortable in?

As said before, skinny jeans, white shirt, leather jacket with some biker boots.

What are the best accessories a woman should have and why?

They say the best accessory a woman can wear is confidence. And I strongly agree. If you have a big enough personality, you can pull off some great fashion looks.

What is the perfect everyday shoes?

I am all about boots. Good biker boots make every outfit stand out plus they are really comfortable. I also love wearing beige suede boots with lace dresses during the summer.

What is your favorite bag?

Lately, I’ve been loving my fish form bag designed by Croatian designer Lucija Vrcic. It’s petite and an element of my minimalist outfit.

What is the best shop to buy in Vienna?

Schokothek. Chocolate goes with everything 😉

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