Street Style Thomas Amon

Today we bring you guys, the street style of Thomas Amon, he is an Austrian newcomer Model living in Vienna. The 20-year-old entered fashion scene 3 years ago and he worked with people all over Austria during his career. He is going to study Media-management because he also loves to be behind the spotlight. Thomas already knows a little bit about the media scene and so he decided to take the chance to make his passion for his work. As a next step, he is looking forward to running at the Vienna Fashion Week. We can’t wait to see him there.

We met Thomas because he was one of our models for the new campaign of our first Men shirts collection, which will be released soon. Stay tuned! However having the opportunity to work with him was truly delightful, because he knows exactly how to act in front of the camera. I also think that he is extremely photogenic. The best way to introduce him is through his style!

We had fun to work with him and of course, the pictures were taken by our exclusive photographer Marcos Aray.

How would you describe your style?

I’d definitely say that the best way to describe my personal style is: versatile. I really like it classic, elegant and chic. In private, I also wear sporty and basic clothes like v-neck shirts and sneakers. Sometimes I also like it extraordinary and controversial to attract attention and be remarkable. But for me, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what I am wearing.

What is your must-have item?

A tried and true biker jacket and black boots.

Where you buy normally your clothes?

Rivers Island, Topman, Zara

What is a NO-Go for you?

Satin boxer shorts.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

A Burberry Blazer which I bought from the first money I earned with modeling jobs. This will always be something special for me.

Less or more?

More! I have to come out as a fan of everything extraordinary and uncommon.

You are most comfortable in?

A suit. Because almost every guy looks great in it, and you just feel awesome and well dressed on every occasion.

What are the best accessories a man should have and why?

Perfume. Even if you can’t see it, it is a very important component of your outfit and makes it complete.

What is the best shop online?

I don’t like online shopping at all. I really can say going shopping is like a holiday for me. It’s relaxing and it makes you happy.

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