Winter is here

Winter has finally come, and is getting really cold! we even had already the first snow in the city. Although I love warm weather, I am a bit excited to get in the winter mood, with a special winter Outfit.

This week started the first signs of winter, and it was a really cold and windy for my taste, so I start to put the winter jackets and the sweaters out of the closet.

To get even more Christmas spirit, this week the Christmas market in Austria already open, and they are beautiful as always.

My favorite one is in Rathaus (Town Hall) and is one of the most beautiful in the world. If you had never been to a Christmas Market, I totally recommend this one.

But my favorite this to do is to drink the Christmas punch with my friends, under this cold weather is the perfect way to stay warm and have a nice moment with your friends and family.

Vienna is full of amazing places to discover and I feel thankful to be able to call this city my hometown, although it has taken time to get used to the cold weather around here.

Crazy is, that without snow, for me it doesn’t feel any more like Christmas, you see in Venezuela we don’t have snow, and for us, Christmas is the perfect time to go to the beach and drink whiskey with coconut water, relax and lay on the beach.

So many things have changed since I am in Vienna, (this year I will have 9 Years!!! Living here! amazing how fast the time pass) and one thing that change is changing sand for snow!

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