Valentines Day

Valentines Day is around the corner! so I wanted to put together a little wish list for you guys. Valentines day in Europe is not that popular like in Venezuela, or the even United States, never the less I like to take this opportunity to do something romantic with my hubby. Nowadays we are both so busy, he at work, and I also working on many projects at the same time, that sometimes we forgot to do something special out of our routine.

I always like to try new things and new places especially since we are living in Vienna, where we have so many little tiny and special places, that we like to try them out.

Valentine is the perfect occasion to search for a special restaurant, and plan a romantic date, but I still don’t know in which direction I would like to go this year. I normally prefer Italian food, but this time maybe we can try Japanese? I still don’t know! But let’s see!

This valentines I have a little surprise prepared for my special guy this Friday, and let’s see what surprise he will have for me! Nevertheless, I am really excited!!!

For this year’s wish list! I have prepared some little special gift, and I hope you like them!

Wish List

For starters how cute is this Maxi dress??, for me was love at first sight, especially because is easy to combine and perfect for summer too.

Lately, I am crazy about fuchsia lips, I am not the type of strong makeup, but I do like to have a little touch of my lips. Looking for the perfect Fuchsia, I came across this Artdeco Lipstick in 496 true fuchsias.

Now, with the weather changing every day, what the best way to keep warm than with this cute Teddy bear coat.

What would be valentine’s day without the proper nail lack? that’s why I pick up from Dior this cute pink color.

Also, I love the eyeshadows of Dior, and one of the favorites is Diorshow mono in 554 minimalisms.

Nevertheless, and because there are not too many handbags in the closet, I pick this little cute black handbag from Moschino in black to combine it with my outfit!

And last but not least Asos ballerina with a nice black ribbon in beige.

I hope you like it!

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