Romanian Fashion Photographer

Bogdan Teodorov is a Rumanian Fashion photographer. When he was 17, he started to work as a graphic designer for the advertising department of the local tv station. In 2006 he starts taking pictures to follow his passion. From the beginning, he worked with professional models, as he was also in charge of a model agency in Romania.

4 years ago he made his own studio and started to do more work for clients like Amanda diVelli Bridal, Modaverse, Green Atelier by Cristina David, Cielle Couture, Sevda Jewelry, Claudio Bassi, Adora Sposa.

So far his editorials were featured in magazines from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, like Eluxe Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Trend Prive Magazine, Hacid Magazine, HUF Magazine, One Coast Magazine, Rude Magazine, Nord Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Jute Magazine, Remark Magazine, City Life, Zodiac Magazine.

For those who don’t know you, tell us about yourself

I am Bogdan Teodorov. I started taking pictures in 2006 as a passion. From the very beginning, I had worked with professional models, as I also have been in charge of a modeling agency in Romania and I was shooting for their books. In 2013 I made my own studio and started to work with clients. I do fashion campaigns, lookbooks, beauty and editorial.

Were you educate in photography, or are yourself taught?

I am a self-taught photographer. But in 2015 I attended Photography & Fashion Course in Milano at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. New experiences are giving you new perspectives.

What camera do you use most of the time?

Most of my time I use Canon 5DS which is a great camera.

Which photo are you currently most proud of?

My favorite one I did recently is the image from the cover of One Coast Magazine. I say this because my theme Nomad was greatly staged by my team Camelia Tugearu, Corina Tudor, Andra Teodorov, and Serap Ismail. Also, the wardrobe fitted very well. It was shot in a rocky place with natural light to have a better feeling.

Comparing where you are now with where you are when you first started, what could you has done differently to get to where you are sooner?

I would start earlier, like on 17th to have more time to develop. Maybe I could have been found in other markets. It is important to have the energy to grow, and a younger age makes you adapt faster.

You’ve clearly worked with a wide range of models, what tips can you recommend to people looking to expand their portfolio?

First, you have to understand what you want to do, create a mood board and sent it to a modeling agency. They will give you choices with their new faces that need pictures. Try to choose the best one for your idea even is maybe less experienced. Fresh models have a great desire to grow just like you.

Describe a typical shoot.

I typically shoot starts with the idea even it is a client, an editorial or a test. With the idea, I start to make a mood board so everybody from my team understands what we have to do. If you have a fashion stylist, you will have a good wardrobe if not you have to search for them to match the mood board. You choose the model for it. With all these, I create my setup and I wait for the hair and makeup to be done. Then is just about creativity and experience. If you know what you have to do it is easy and takes less time for everybody.

Favorite accessory?

I team up with my wife. I have more time to shoot, and she retouches most of them. It is good that we both like what we are doing. It is hardly alone mostly when you have liked 7 consecutive days of photoshoots. You do not have time to retouch a lot. In those situations, we work full power J. We both have Wacom’s but we got back to the mouse.

Who would you like to work with most?

I love to work with all my team. We do it together for some time, and we know exactly what we have to do.

Favorite photography book?

I am a visual person I do not read books about it.

To know more about Bogdan please visit: Bogdan Teodorov

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